Bill: I know I have to sell

March 12, 2012

Bill KenwrightBill Kenwright says he knows he must sell Everton Football Club in order for the Blues to progress any further.

Speaking on David Moyes‘ 10th anniversary at the club, Kenwright said that he knows why other Premier League chairmen would want to have the Scot in charge of their teams, and admitted that in order to keep him at Everton he must find a new owner.

He admitted: ‘Why wouldn’t people want him? He is ambitious. I’m hugely ambitious but I have got to be realistic.

‘I have to ask myself whether I can be chairman for much longer.

‘It is a huge club and I have to find the investment to take it forward.

‘We love nights like the ones against Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham but we live in a game dominated by money.

‘I know this club is revered throughout football for the way we try to do it but it is a huge job and it gets more and more difficult.

‘The one thing [Moyes] does know is he gets every single brass farthing available and he does know no-one takes any money out of this club.

‘But at the end of the day I have to find a new owner.’