Irvine: Barkley will shine under Moyes’ wing

March 6, 2012

Ross BarkleyFormer assistant manager at Everton, Alan Irvine, believes that under the tutelage of David Moyes, Ross Barkley can shine for Everton.

Irvine says that David Moyes is the right man for youth development at Everton, and knows when to play young players and when to rest them.

He said: “David knows the right times to bring young players in and then take them out. Ross deserved to be around the first team at the start of the season and was starting to do well before he began to hit the wall.

“That happens in youth development – it’s always round the corner with young players.

“Having to compete with seasoned first team players is always tough, and David decided it was time to take him out, and the club has managed that brilliantly.

“He’s played for the first team, reserves and U-18s and full credit to him and the staff who made sure he knew what was happening. There was no ego when he came back to the U-18s or no, ‘Why am I being dropped?’.

“He wasn’t dropped, it was for his benefit and he gets that. He came out of the firing line and if David puts him back in his team towards the end of the season he will be fine.”