Baines wants United move, apparently

February 12, 2013

The Express newspaper are claiming that Leighton Baines will ask for a move in the summer, to allow Manchester United to take him to Old Trafford.

Based on very little other than Everton played United at the weekend, and that Baines is capable of playing for the champions of any division in the world, they seem to think his England ambitions play a part.

Since joining from Wigan in 2007 Baines has become, for most, the best left back in the country, and has started ahead of Ashley Cole for England on a number of occasions, but the Express want us to believe that Baines’ desire to go to the World Cup next year is the trigger behind a wish to leave Everton.

First it was Sky Sports’ desperation for a Fellaini story on deadline day, and with 4 months until the next transfer window opens, we have a daily rag drumming up business.