Today we spell redemption E.F.C

March 18, 2013

jelavicLast week was one of the worst games I can remember watching at Goodison Park, writes David Martin.

It is certainly one of the worst in David Moyes‘s long reign as manager.  Players and Manager were rightly booed off the pitch as one of the angriest crowds in Goodison’s history vented their frustrations after a totally apathetic capitulation to Wigan.   This venting is one that rumbled on for a number of days after, aided and abetted by Stan Collymore’s  long look at Everton‘s future off and on the pitch just days later.  With Manchester City lined up next in the Premier League many Evertonian’s had already understandably written off our chances in this game or any other.

A few days after the Manchester City game and it is clear to see why Evertonians were and are angry.  David Moyes has assembled the best first eleven Everton team I have seen in many years and it’s a team capable of much more.  Some fans wanted apologies from the players after Wigan and I don’t blame them for that.  However, after a performance of such apathy, and a terrible result further driven home by the semi-final draw words were not enough for me.  The only thing that would satisfy me was a performance against Manchester City that showed these players were worthy of wearing the shirt.  The early part of the season has shown that this team has skill, ability and potential with us bearing witness to some beautiful and varied football.  However, as the season has progressed the team has become tired and the excuses from players and Manager have become more frequent.

The thing is Evertonians are not stupid.   We are more than aware that we have been let down in the transfer window once again.  We are aware that an extra signing  might of made all of the the diFerrence but what we will not accept is players lacking in effort and desire.  I am not a fan of booing our own but perhaps the players and David Moyes needed to know that their performance against Wigan will not be tolerated.  It certainly seemed like they got the message after putting in a superb performance against Manchester City that was all about effort, passion and determination.  Sights such as Anichebe geeing up the crowd and Jelavic ripping his shirt off are the things we want to see.  Players gesticulating at fans and strolling around is not.

Despite still being distraught at an FA Cup exit that means we are on the cusp of another nearly season, the players redeemed themselves to an extent by giving us some pride back against Manchester City.  These sorts of performances are the reason why Everton are still in the hunt for a European spot and are the ones you can be damn sure we will demand to see more of.  It was rumoured the club would remove Nil Satis Nisi Optimum from our logo in the future, it doesn’t matter as it’s a previously dormant part of every Evertonian’s genetic makeup that has been woken up of late.  It isn’t about demanding success, it’s about demanding that the players do their absolute best.  Nothing less is good enough.


  1. Mike

    March 18, 2013 at 19:19

    Well done victor anichebe, u were absolutely licked out after an incredible shift on sat. I suppose that d***head Mr Green from the Belfast Telegraph was doing some serious back peddling (u anti everton s**t) after Saturdays result following his unhelpful comments prior to and after the cup game. Well done Everton, and especially….. Well done Mr Moyes.

  2. Strewth

    March 18, 2013 at 20:04

    Yes very well played but I am not over that totally inept and inexcusable performance against Wigan or last year’s semi-final. That was when there was some pressure and expectation. Against City we all had low expectations. Pressure off so they perform as we know that squad can. We were like Wigan and City like us the week before. However the real test for Moyes and the team is to perform when under pressure else they’ll always be nearly men. This wild swing in performance cannot all be excused by squad size and we shouldn’t accept it as the perennial get out of jail card whenever things go wrong.