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Everton v Arsenal

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Currently in 14th, level on points with Leeds and Southampton below us. Could be 17th going into this if those two teams pick up points and Watford get an extremely unlikely win. A Burnley (or Norwich) win would mean we're two points from the relegation zone.

Saturday 15:00 - Newcastle v Burnley
Saturday 15:00 - Southampton v Brighton
Saturday 17:30 - Watford v Man City
Sunday 14:00 - Leeds v Brentford
Sunday 14:00 - Tottenham v Norwich
Monday 20:00 - Everton v Arsenal


Not a chance it will happen but with players available:

Coleman Branthwaite Keane Digne
Delph Allan Doucoure
Gray Richarlison Gordon

As much as I've been pessimistic about our run, I will say I think there is very little between the current quality of the teams from 11th down. I don't really think Brighton are that great either, I imagine they'll finish bottom half.

That is the one positive about our current situation.

In terms of us in this game, given we're down to maybe Tosun playing up top, we really really really need to work on keeping a clean sheet. I'd take a 0-0 all day long right now.

Everton can go eat a shit

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Hes getting sacked if we lose this game.

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kerryblue boy:
Arsenal look impressive first half an hour if we play the same team as yesterday it will be another heavy defeat


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