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Everton vs West Brom

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the doc:
I know its not as important after tonights game, but if we win on Saturday then for at least 24 hours we Will be above the RS (and maybe even longer) what an end of the season we could still have!

Play like tonight and we should win by 4 or 5.

I would guess that would just spur them on.  Thing that grinds me is that for a few seasons save 1 we always just seem to come short of getting them. We get close within a few points, then blow it.

I hope we keep consistent, at least make them play for their position, rather than handing it to them.

Coming up with the family for this can't wait Si said he was bying the beer allday Saturday if everton beat Sunderland  :cheers:  :whistle:

But score wise 3-0 Cahill and Jelavic 2

American Evertonian:
I'm afraid Moyes will stray from tonight's line-up which will be a huge let off if he does and we don't win.

Personally I hope for this team selection

Pienaar Felli  Gibson Gueye

I would leave Neville in as he didn't play poorly at all against Sunderland and if he can get on a roll he will be good to have in the squad. I bet Moyes puts in Jags over Heitinga, but I think we all know Moyes will soon need to decide between the two and I personally hope he goes with Tinga.

I would move Pienaar to the right and have Gueye on the left assuming Drenthe is still out. This could allow us to attack from both wings.

2-0 to us. I think we will keep this train rolling.


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