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Manchester City vs Everton

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Endless, Nameless:

--- Quote from: Gumpinio on March 25, 2010, 05:40:03 AM ---Bluemoon is funny as fuck.

Its seems Arteta is just as good as Matt Taylour, the ref was bent, Pienaar is shit and we were lucky.

--- End quote ---

Another thing money can't buy you: A Fucking brain.

I've been out all night with the family so had no access to the football, I didn't expect to come home to this. Awesome.

So we've beaten Man City twice, Man Utd, Chelsea and drawn with Arsenal since Christmas. Only 3 points behind the shite! With only Villa left to play we could get 6th now! Now to end Wolves run of form.

I love waking up the morning after a sweet victory!

fast lane:
A great win, done collectively as everybody played their part.


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