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Everton vs Fulham

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Nevile ----Jags ---- Distin ---- Baines
Pienaar - Cahill - Arteta - Anichebe

2-1 Saha and Anichebe for us, Zamora for them

Why not go 4-4-2 at home?


Bench:  Nash  Hibbert  Yobo  Rodwell  Bilyaletdinov  Baxter  Saha

Everton 2 - 1 Fulham

Endless, Nameless:
Hopefully this will be another home win against Fulham, and they won't get revenge on us for last season's trend breaker  ;D

I'd go for:

Hibbo Jags Distin Baines
Anichebe Arteta Pienaar

Scrappy 2-1 win. Zamora to open the scoring, with Cahill and the Yak for us.

I think the general view, and I tend to agree here, is that Cahill does not play as well in a 4 man midfield.  Sure, he has 1 or 2 decent games there, but overall, he is much more effective as the 2nd striker.

Besides, we have been on a great run of form, despite surrendering a lead on too many occasions recently.  I don't think our problem is our attacking approach to the game and 4-5-1 is our best formation.

I would be happy to see Yakubu and Cahill - as both seem to be our best two scoring options.

Oh - and 2-0 Everton, if not 3-0.


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