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Author Topic: Everton Vs Palace - Fri 8pm  (Read 34019 times)

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October 01, 2016, 02:34:46 PM
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A lot of people are putting great hope on the January transfer window. But can anyone think of any great player that was transferred in a January window? (Aside from McGeady & Niasse)
All good players are usually at good clubs involved in a European comp. unless they were dropped and out of favour with their manager, but is that what we want? A has been? a reject?
Can't see January bringing the answer.

October 01, 2016, 04:44:02 PM
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I see both Gueye and Barry were both booked again last night v Palace. I think they're both on four yellows now. We could lose both against Burnley.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, James McCarthy and Darron Gibson should both be fit if needed. Mind you, they'll both be off on international duty, so who knows. Koemans shown concern about whether the Irish management might play them too early after recent absences. We could be running out of central defensive midfielders in a couple of weeks.  :-\
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October 01, 2016, 05:15:47 PM
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Don't you think Bolasie does that?

No it's different. Bolasie's first thought it was always who can I beat, can I get away. There are times when the ball went into him last night and he tried turning first time round the corner, or cutting around them and he was losing it time after time when the pressure we were under we needed him to hold the ball, draw a foul and let us get settled. No way in some of those positions pienaar, Cahill etc wouldn't have stopped their momentum from building by saying we aren't having that ball come back at us again and winning the foul.

The defence in particular would have loved them for it and that's part of the problem with having all individuals up top they are thinking of their own gains not what the team needs at that point. They all see the glory when it comes into them and are already thinking can I get away and get a shot in regardless of the situation in the match.

October 01, 2016, 06:02:14 PM
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Mainly because Cleverley is never on the pitch at the same time as Mirallas

I was talking specifically about last night. Cleverley played the full 90 minutes, yet Barkley took all the corners? Then when Barkley was subbed, Mirallas took all the subsequent corners.

It's not a big issue, it's just that Cleverley delivers the best whipped corners.