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November 27, 2017, 02:58:53 PM
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feel sorry for him. not his side.. fuck all he can do. we lack pace.. fuck all he can do..

new manager.. still lack pace.. fuck all he can do

someone needs to get info on who did the vast majority of the purchasing.. and why after those signings we didnt get cover for a striking position a left back and CB's

i cant blame unsworth, he inherited a passionless over paid bunch of not giving a fuck stars... most the players seem to be playing for themselves and not for the club/team.

I said it at the time he was on a hiding to nothing, but he has made us worse. Weve got a current England international in goal and cb, one who played for his country in the last couple of years, a regular Welsh international and to get them conceding over 3 goals a game is bad in his 6 games in charge. Admittedly they arent playing well but the way he is setting us up is abysmal.
And its his job to motivate and get the passion into the team, it was the criticism that was levied at Koeman so it has to at Unsworth