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October 24, 2017, 10:07:05 PM
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I love this fella, the shit he used to take coz that walter smith put him out to left back, and did he hide ? Did he fuck, hard as nails he is, would run through the preverbial brick wall for you, would love to see him get the gig, a lot more experienced than getting credit for. GO RHINO
I think it's a good time for him, the players will run through a brick wall for him & the fans will back him, we need to grind out results at this moment. Lets get behind him

October 24, 2017, 10:32:01 PM
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The more I think about it the more I think give it to Rhino till the end of the season and reassess then. If it works, happy days, extend. If it doesnt, make the call straight away and go for new man. Chances are by April we will know if his contract will be extended or not, If its looking like not then we can draw up a list. Marco Silva would be top of that list for me, but I am all for giving Rhino a go until May.
He deserves it. The players seem to love him and will play for him.
Why not.

This is where I am with it.

October 25, 2017, 12:00:48 AM
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The only problem with this is he can only have it for a maximum of 12 weeks coz he hasnít got the pro licence....if they wait the full 12 weeks is he good enough to get us outta trouble ? If heís not how long do they give him only to prove heís not good enough? Which due to our current position would deffo put us in a dire position and deffo relegation fight....
Hereís the dilemma...the longer into the 12 weeks we go and if it doesnít improve, our position gets worse and we still need a manager.....give him it and if it doesnít improve and ....we still need a new manager...
The pressure is really on both unsy and the board as he HAS to succeed no matter what the outcome job offer wise.....
FOR ME the better alternative is get an experienced man in ASAP iím Afraid.....rather than hope unsy succeeds...sorry...
Right ok - say we bring in ancellotti, nothing changes we remain bottom 3 and out the competitions- where do we go from there? We pay him off aswell? Unsworth KNOWS these players especially the U23s of which account for about 40% of this current squad, we need to grind results out now before we really end up in the shit, a foreign manager who doesn't understand everton or this squad may well take time to get going, we can't afford that at the minute.

BTW if the players want him that's massive.

October 25, 2017, 01:14:41 AM
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he's already found his level. I like the man, but not for this job.

but let's first see how the players respond...

how can he have found his level if he's never been tested higher?

November 07, 2017, 12:49:51 AM
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Pleased to find out Unsworth isn’t getting the job.

He failed his trial and IMO would be better off going into the lower leagues or non league to get some real experience of managing a proper first team if he wants to be a premier league football manager
his trial consisted of 1 day to prepare for Chelsea away, then trips to Leicester and lyon with a team with 0 confidence, he probably won his only real winnable game.

November 09, 2017, 12:56:10 AM
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He's odds on now. Shortest price there's been on anyone on betfair.
I voted for him. I am a little worried that it might be a decision based on sentiment rather than wisdom though.
Wonder if we'd won without the stirring comeback he'd have got less marks for that. We signed rooney blinded by the romance of it. Hope it's not the same with unsworth
As time goes on it looks more and more likely Unsworth until the end of the season or until Jan, think we should see how we get on against Palace now

November 22, 2017, 10:11:17 PM
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Have you watched the game against Palace?
 It's not only the stats were  shocking. The whole performance was painful to watch. It was fifth game under Unsworth and probably the worst. There's no improvement and no sign of it, quite the opposite. There's a real threat of getting relegated if this circus continues. 4 points out of 6 argument is plain silly. We were unbelievably lucky but you can't count on luck long term.
Would we have taken those 4 points under koeman? Not a chance. The players have shown spirit to come back and get those results. He's come in to a total mess, he hasn't had a full week with the squad to prepare for games, it's been interrupted by European games and international breaks, I think he's done ok and got some results. You're mad if you think someone is going to come in and fix that defence immediately. He's had 1 home game and won it. The rest have been mostly tough away games to Chelsea, lyon, Leicester and an improving palace.

November 23, 2017, 08:27:30 PM
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You must be joking. Gifts from the ref, Speroni and Cleverley gave us those results. Good luck to you if you hope performances like that will get us results long term.
I didn'‘t think he would fix the mess (and that's why I wasn't overly enthusiastic about sacking Koeman). It was a bit naive to hope that U23 coach would be better than the manager who had finished 7th, 6th and 7th in his 3 years in the prem. You'll never know till you try though. He tried and it's obvious he‘s just not ready. Game against Chelsea was his best, from then we've been degrading with every game.

I feel for Rhino. He was put on the spot by the board. And knowing that he is still in charge just because those mugs can't sort out the replacement doesn't help him.

The 5 goals in the 2 games not give us the results then no? No manager is coming in to this team and automatically getting quality performances out of them.

November 23, 2017, 08:36:53 PM
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The truth is though they were pretty inept performances.
In total agreement mate, they fought for him though and got results - we lose both under Koeman, 100%

November 23, 2017, 08:49:06 PM
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Maybe but I'm not sure it's a sign that unsworth is the right man for the job
Im not saying he is, I think he could be short term. People slagging him off saying hes not good enough and all this, don't know what they expected from him so quickly.