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Everton v Chelsea Sunday 17th March 4.30pm

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What a twat of a kick off time, as if 4pm on a Sunday isn't bad enough. It's not like there's three games on but the early game isn't until 2.15pm for some reason.

4-30 so it's virtually a night match and I can't normally get to night matches . But I'm all set for this one and looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way.

Well! 0-0 away! Come on lads. I don't know about what you lot think, but it's getting on my tits. I still go with Marco. Six months into next season? Unless, we are anywhere close to the EFC, I know? Then he hasn't got it for us.

These are shite away from home, replicate the derby atmosphere and we can win this.

We're all still worried, we might capitulate. I can't handle that. There are good signs of improvement though.


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