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Everton v Man Utd. Goodison Park. Sunday. 21st. 13.30.

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--- Quote from: brap2 on April 17, 2019, 06:54:57 PM ---I criticise Gomes to whoever will listen, and yet I am absolutely terrified of facing these without him in the middle.

Big Morgs vs Pogba, great.

--- End quote ---

Big Tom Davies mate.

No worries.

A bit like Arsenal, their defence and midfield are nothing special, but their attackers are dangerous. We can get at them and can beat them, if we reach the levels of performance against Arsenal.

I would hope there's been a few home truths after last week's shitshow, and the players themselves are keen to make up for that. We pretty much know what our lineup will be (assuming Keane comes back in and Davies is in for Gomes), so I don't think this one is about tactical surprises, it's about attitude, execution and decision-making on our part.


--- Quote from: TheRam on April 17, 2019, 06:56:51 PM ---Big Tom Davies mate.

No worries.

--- End quote ---


Morgan Gana

No doubt in my mind.

Home banker

see Watford have fucked off Z Cars now , instead going to play Im Still standing from now on


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