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Everton v Liverpool

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Dr. Sponge:
Fuck sake, here we go.

Should we go 442 and go at them direct because we're at home? Or play the opposition and go 433 or something else a bit more compact?

Personally I dont want to see 2 of our midfielders get ruined against 3 of theirs.

I'd go 433 with:


Sidibe Mina Holgate Baines

Sigurdsson Gomes Delph

Walcott DCL Richarlison

I don't want to see Davies or Digne in there, they've been poor. Sigurdsson isnt going to be dropped unfortunately.

Sidibe is becoming our most weakest link and he could cost us the game, especially if Robertson is fit.

Audrey Horne:
Play like United did last night, hit them on the counter.

The Analog Kid:
Can't stand derby games, makes it worse being on a late shift for this one and having to put up with the cunts in work.

Before anybody starts, we're not going to win.

Don't even suggest there's a chance of that happening because there isn't. At very best we might grind out a 0-0 draw but we're not going to win.

@Audrey Horne do you still want my ticket?


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