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Summer Transfer Plans (Transfer Deadline Day)

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--- Quote from: Toddacelli on May 25, 2020, 02:43:52 PM ---I can't get excited about any of the rumours tbh. It all seems such a changing landscape I feel like I'm not bothered until I see them wearing the shirt and holding a pen with Dave at Finch Farm.

(Or will it be in the Liver Building from now on...?)

--- End quote ---

It'll have to be their own pen, and they'll have to be 2m away from Dave.  And no handshaking.

I totally understand why we would scale back our thinking and that we won't be the only ones, but there is a part of me that thinks, particularly if there is a change/relaxation of the FFP regulations for this year, that this is a window that if we can, we should look to attack. 100m, if spent well, might get you more quality this pre- season than it has in others and really give us the platform to spring off.

Maybe the circumstances will mean we move more towards a Spanish/Italian approach to transfers with long term loans and swap deals being commonplace, we'll see. If that is the case, when I look at our squad, outside of those that I don't think we would trade (i.e. Richarlison, DCL, Holgate), there are only a handful that look to have any genuine swap value; Digne, Gomes, Bernard, Kean. I'm not sure you'd get better than them in any swap deal and all play in positions that we either want to re- enforce already or would have to if we were to lose any of them.

I'm also looking the Newcastle situation. If their buyers are who we are led to believe they are and the money is there, the timing could play right to their advantage. They'll be cash rich heading into a buyers market with little to no FFP concerns to be too worried about in Yr 1. If they learn from the mistakes we made under Walsh, they could be a different animal entirely by the start of next season. Not a Top 4 contender, but definitely a Top 8/10 candidate.

Anyway, until the Project Restart picture is clearer, this is all a hypothetical and mostly pointless ramble. Sorry!

So hard to tell what will happen with prices and even contract lengths etc.

Thank all we can say with any certainty is we need to make additions to the first team, we need to clear decks as much as possible as we have a lot of players with no future at Everton FC who are taking a huge slice of our wage bill, and finally that we need and seem to be getting some sort of revolution in the academy side, with improvements to be made in our talent pipeline.

For me a centre mid is still the number one. Spend Richarlison level money on a richarlison level talent for CM. Maybe more than one if we want to speed up the shifting of Andre Gomes out the side.

After that RW, CB and RB look like the priorities to me. Maybe a Striker and move Richarlison back out wide.

Sir Stealth:
Hoping this extended break has given Gbamin a chance to get some fitness back

Centre mid still feels like the area that needs strengthening most. I'm confident that we can get a good partnership using 2 from 3 of Keane Holgate and Mina at centre back, though that seems like the position Ancelotti is looking most to boost

As @brap2 says it's still imperative to shift some of that deadwood and we may struggle to do so now

The likes of Bolasie, Niasse, Tosun clearly need to get gone

First team regulars like Sig and Schneiderlin we would do well to shift out and replace

With the big fees we paid for the 2 of them it might be hard to swallow taking such a big cut on them but may be necessary for us to progress

Further forward though I do personally like Bernard we need more of a contribution from him. DCL and Rich we are over the moon with. Iwobi and Walcott unfortunately I don't have much faith that they will contribute to the level that we want them to.

This may force Ancelotti to give Anthony Gordon more game time, which isn't necessarily a bad thing

Our last game was a 4-0 drubbing away at Chelsea which may be an indication of how much we do actually need to strengthen

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