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Author Topic: Everton v West Brom  (Read 21057 times)

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Everton v West Brom
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:25:19 AM »
I'm not as good as some of the other guys with these matchday threads, but I'm already wishing the season away and just want to move on to the next game as quickly as possible.

Hard to judge this, but if we don't sign anyone new then I can see Allardyce putting out.

Kenny   Holgate   Williams   Martina

          Schneiderlin  Gueye

Bolasie           Rooney        Sig

The team I'd like to see is


Kenny    Holgate    Williams    Martina


Vlasic     Sig   Klaasen     Lookman


I know Klaasen hasn't proved himself, but I'm not sure I can sit through another home game without a shot on target, and I feel he's the type of player who might actually try and get forward.

We've surely got to take Bolasie out of the team so he can recuperate properly and I'd like Vlasic to be given more of an opportunity.

Ideally we'd have a LB by next week, but it seems we're no closer to signing one judging by what some of the ITKs on here are saying.

I think (and hope) we should win this 2-0.
I don't really care what score we win by, I just want us to actually shoot at the opposition's goal a few times.
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