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The Everton Forum / [News]Silva: Everyone wants to fight together
« Last post by Everton News on 39 minutes ago »
Silva: Everyone wants to fight together

Everton boss Marco Silva says that his squad are all ready to fight together and play for the club.

Source: Silva: Everyone wants to fight together
Can't believe this thread is still going. Genuinely have no interest in the lad now.
The Everton Forum / Re: Fans
« Last post by Gary1878 on 41 minutes ago »
I do think the ground needs a section for this sort of thing. A dedicated part of the ground for fans that wish to sing, jump up and down, stand and be more vocal/active during the game. This to me could include the trialing of things like flares. You could then confine this to that particular part of Goodison, banning it elsewhere, which means that oversight could be stricter.
150k a week says you could!!?

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Is it part of the contract? I'd never kiss the badge of another team.
I think firstly you have to give the guy a bit of credit to get into a very good Chelsea team, and also contribute.

But on the other hand, has he really done more at Chelsea than he did with us? I don't think so. If anything, the impetus for him to take hold of games has gone, as he has far more talented players than himself around him like Hazard, Willian and Kante.

Would I like to still have him around at Everton? Of course. Would he be in our current starting XI? Probably not.
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]The Marco Silva effect
« Last post by Lxxx on 1 hour ago »
I like the fact we're identifying players who clearly have quality but have maybe lost their way and need a fresh platform, like Digne, Zouma, Gomes and hopefully Mina. Seems a million miles away from the previous strategy and we're now getting players in of a good age.

Clearly Brands will have a large part to play in this too as well as Silva but crafting together a side and a style knowing we can go to OT next week with a punchers chance is refreshing, for once. Of course we might get a hiding but I'm confident we'll actually create some chances this time round and an early goal might get them wobbling if nothing else. 
magical  -__-
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]The Marco Silva effect
« Last post by Mick 1995 on 1 hour ago »
We've played 11 competitive fixtures under him so it's probably fair to start looking for patterns.
but with injuries, red cards in the earlier games and stupid international breaks i think it may still be too early.

I agree with the general gist of @brap2 . I think, fundamentally, we have no plan B other than throwing the kitchen sink at them.
It will get found out, and as predicted by people on here, we will get a good fucking pasting every now and again.

That is mitigated by the fact we have sufficient attacking threat to make most teams shit themselves and not venture too far out for long periods.
I'm also personally ok with it because i'd like the players to become really good at plan A before we start work on a plan B. It can cause confusion and it's a very tough to learn 2 different tactics simultaneously - it can cause momentary hesitation in circumstances you really dont want doubt.
Utd under Martinez?

The only win in 7 years.  This our record away against the top 6 since Feb 2011  P44 W1 D14 L29 Pts 17 PPG 0.39

Fuck me its worse than I thought

When did we last beat a top 6 side away?  Surely we are statistically due a win.

Utd under Martinez?
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