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Me dad used to work on the gate and got me in to see us get battered by the shite, 5-1 I think it was, Gordon Lee was manager I think.
And the fact we were played off the park by West Brom (home and away) and by Bournemouth's when they hadn't won all year.
Do you think this ground move will go ahead and have you any inkling about the capacity size. I ask this because on other Everton websites, some posters are convinced and try their best to convince others that Moshiri is a fraud. Don't think that at all myself.

I think we are definitely going ahead with the ground move, as far as the capacity goes,  there has not been a definite amount agreed, there is going to be fan consultation with regard to this, it has already begun and part of the reason we have signed up to forums is to help with this.
Can you bring the Toffee Lady back? Not from the dead like but a facsimile thereof.

Everton Mints Rool OK

Funny enough we were discussing something very similar during our last meeting.
I can neither confirm or deny that a version of the toffee lady is on the way back.
Is the dugout considered "on the pitch" because I could think of a few things to improve my matchday experience...
I think maybe it would be considered as "on the pitch" in this case
The Everton Forum / Re: What was your first ever game
« Last post by dchans on 11 hours ago »
Lost 2 nil away to Coventry

First game of the 88/89 season iirc, gonna stick my neck out and say Norman whiteside debut
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by blue slug on 11 hours ago »
Or cloth
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by Risky on 11 hours ago »
The Dick Emery jokes never ever get boring.

Unless you get Emery Board.
The Everton Forum / Re: Luke Shaw?
« Last post by TheTone on 12 hours ago »
Poster boy for the snowflake generation footballer this guy

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