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February 18, 2010, 08:51:25 PM
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I've seen him attack well but can he defend.

I think Moyes is taking the correctr approach again...bed him in slowly and we will see the results!!!
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February 18, 2010, 09:18:25 PM
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I think people's frustrations come from the fact that Coleman has pace and is very direct and these are things that we don't have in many players. These are obviously good traits to have and I'm sure we'll see plenty of them in the future.

I then think that this frustration is then spilling over on to Neville.

He made a bad mistake against Liverpool and one against Chelsea, but apart from those it's not as though we are being torn apart consistently down that side.

If that we the case I'm sure Coleman would have been playing more.

Plus I don't think that he and Donovan would be that great a combination in that their styles are very similar.

Part of the reasons why Baines and Pienaar are so good is that Pienaar opens up the space for Baines due to the fact that the opposition know that he (Pienaar) can go inside easily.

With Donovan and Coleman they'd both be running much straighter lines.

Hand on heart, do you think Moyes will drop Neville? I don't have many problems with Moyes but if one were top of my list it would be that he'll openly talk about having competition for places but will rarely drop certain players when they are playing poorly. Or even sub them. I think this issue is intertwined with the Coleman situation as I think people would be fine for the odd cameo, to see he was bringing him into the side a little and rewarding positive/good play. But for me I get the feeling if anything its more likely we'll see his performances rewarded with being sent back to the reserves when Tony Hibbert is fit.

In any side you need genuine competition, and you could argue at times we didn't have the players to bring on but even when we do it doesn't seem like anything happens. Neville, Arteta (ok not recently but when in previous seasons when he's been fit), Cahill never or very rarely got subbed even when they were having absolute stinkers. These players only don't play if they're injured it seems. And when they are even vaguely ready after coming back from injury they are dropped back into the side asap and allowed to get up to speed on the pitch. It all seems to the detriment of others trying to make their mark in the first team.

It just feels like the pecking order at the club is sometimes a little too unrelated to performance.

Also it often seems detrimental to the players too, as players who have given so much to the club like Neville start to have people on their back unnecessarily at times. Duncan Ferguson's last season was another example of this (and also of how Moyes remains the same in this regard), he was picked week in week out but was just so poor in that last season, and couldn't hit a barn door if he tried. It was just a shame to end his Everton career in such a way.

I don't want to point fingers at Neville as he's clearly a good guy and also plays to the best of his abilities for the club. That said I really haven't much of the player that was so good for the last couple of seasons as yet this season, but you're right he hasn't been terrible either. Perhaps just a little more limited.

February 19, 2010, 01:02:35 AM
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Hand on heart, do you think Moyes will drop Neville?

If Neville was as poor as some are saying and Coleman as obviously great then yes.

Moyes loved Davey Weir, he didn't play him all the time once he was past it.