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Author Topic: "I couldn't care less" if Blues concede first  (Read 5651 times)

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Re: "I couldn't care less" if Blues concede first
« on: October 31, 2015, 01:05:54 AM »
There are reasons we go behind in games, and those reasons should be air for concern.

1. Are we picking a suitable starting eleven, and are we only rescuing the situation by substituting players that should have been on from the start?
2. Are the team in the right state of mind at the start of each game?
3. Are our tactics at 0-0 allowing the opposition to score?

I can go on, but it is for Martinez to analyse these things, and not simply have an 'as long as we score more' attitude?

I was more concerned that he once again sought to 'big up' Sunderland, just like he does every week.

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