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General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by GLewis on 23 minutes ago »
What a sublime player Iniesta has been...


I know that heís not underrated but it still feels like he is.

He lost the England job because he thought he was above the rules and hopefully, he won't be in this job much longer.

Ah good, we've gone full circle back to the 'snake oil salesman'. Remember though lads, no calling Allardyce names now.
Plus I think managers who stay somewhere for years lose the touch for what itís like starting from scratch somewhere.

They get used to only having to mould 2, 3 players per season into how they work.

Moving somewhere to start moulding 24 etc is completely different.

The fact that thereís an argument over 3 more points or not surely says enough.

Much like the furore re the survey. His supporters assume that it was going to be bad, which tells itís own story.
Win, 2-0, Tosun
The Speculating Unprofessionals Forum / Re: Everton v Newcastle (MNF)
« Last post by Lxxx on April 23, 2018, 11:52:34 PM »
On a different note...it's been ages since I've tried to stream games. The ones I've watched have been bt sport which I have. Are there now good stream sites that don't involve 3 million adverts and constant buffering?


Usually works perfectly. I save it in my favourites toolbar and use it for every match I want to watch, Everton or otherwise. The streams are ad free and work 99% of the time.
The Speculating Unprofessionals Forum / Re: Wenger stepping down
« Last post by Mayor Farnum on April 23, 2018, 11:48:48 PM »
Everyone's talked about wanting a manager who's "achieved something". Well, this is him. I don't particularly want him here but you can't say that any manager who achieved that kind of success with Everton wouldn't be labelled a big success. The same fans who say they don't want him at the same time applaud the Moyes era ffs

Managers that maintain a high level of success throughout their career tend do do it by moving from big club to big club, such as Mourinho, Guardiola and Anchelotti. I can't think of many that have taken a step down and recreated earlier successes. It takes time and I think the motivation is harder to find second or third time around.
I guess these arguments could go on even after Donald Trump plunges us back into the dark ages with some red button pressing.
Martinez absolutely took the piss out of us. When we finished 5th he told us all it wasnít good enough for the mighty Everton and we loved him for it. Then it all turned to shit and he told us about being the last English side in Europe (on account of us playing on a Thursday) about our great European adventure despite being humiliated. Blamed Europe for our league form. Insisted we were playing well every week despite it being obvious we werenít

He was a snake oil saleman and not a very good 1. Just talked utter nonsense to distract from the fact that he was clueless.

His bullshit was 100 times worse than allardyces and for me he would have done serious damage to our club had he been allowed to continue

Good old Bobby though. He told us what we wanted to here when we were good

You're arguing a different point.
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