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August 04, 2010, 07:40:26 AM
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I like Bily, I think he has a lot of ability and will do ok for us. I dont think he will become the top player a lot say he could be. I stuck up for Fellaini through everything constantly maintaining he will become on of the best midfielders around even after his worst performances, because there was the obvious physical ability that very few have along with good technical ability.

With Bily I dont see enough for him to become a top player. He doesnt have the pace, sharpness or physical strength or energy to really dominate games. He is a good footballer, can strike a ball very well and he will get better the more he gets used to England and the style of play over here. At the moment he gets caught in possession a lot of the time because he isnt up to speed, and like Fellaini 18 months ago, that is one of the big issues. I see him as a player who is a nice link in the team that can provide some assists and get goals, which is something we do need. I dont see him becoming an Arteta/Pienaar and running games, taking teams apart with his play more someone who can make a difference at vital times, which is a skill on its own.

That's just about what I was saying. He can be a good player in the team, but I don't ever see him being one of our best players. The potential I see is to chip in with goals and link up play, and occasionally play the great cross field pass that we sometimes lack. I just never see him dominating games the way Arteta has.

I understand we need to give him time, but he hasn't had very many good games, he scores good goals and obviously has a cracking left foot, but he's never been our best player in a game. In Fellaini's first season he was our best player a couple of times and his physical attributes at least showed that he'd be a good player in the premier league. Bily has yet to prove that.

August 04, 2010, 08:23:22 AM
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i already think he's one of our best players, just needs to show it.
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