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Author Topic: Premier League Golden Boot  (Read 6523 times)

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Re: Premier League Golden Boot
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:10:08 AM »
It will finally start to sink in once he's gone, just how massive his contribution was.  I don't understand how anyone could fail to see it now, but there's a fuckton I don't get about people.

Think the opposite. Watch how good we are with 2 genuine wide forwards and some quality movement in the middle. We'll thrive with or without him. Hasn't played well for weeks. Was it you that called him a once in a generation player. His last great game was months ago. The next Messi/Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Zidane he ain't and even then they were 2 groups of 2 in a generation players. He's good. Very good even. He has plenty of flaws too. We'll thrive with or without him

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