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Author Topic: Robbie Savage says we're all mental  (Read 1894 times)

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Re: Robbie Savage says we're all mental
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:56:55 PM »
Savage is a fucking cunt.  What the fuck does he know about our situation. The reason a good number of evertonians want rid of koeman is not the results but the clueless, negative and ineffectual tactics. The lack of passion and bottle he has instilled in the team. The abysmal Man management of players he dislikes, (deloufeu, barkley, niasse) players. The admittance he didn’t prepare the team for a crucial game, the suggestion last season Rom should be playing somewhere else.

We have rolled over and had our bum holes tickled and as I said with Martinez, motivation, team spirit, passion, a plan, an identity comes from the manager.

I don’t think simply winning the next few games is enough to make up for the disgraceful start to the season. We need to be annihilating our opponents for me to get back behind him. A lucky  1-0 against the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton Limassol etc is not enough because as soon as we come up against the tougher teams they will destroy us.

I’m very much in the sack him camp. As well as the “would like to stamp on savages throat”camp. The shit haired leek bothering cunt.
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