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If true, I'm excited as fuck. It means Allardyce is almost certainly off, and it also means that we're doing things the right way round, with the new DoF hopefully having a say in the new manager. Also should in theory mean that Brands will be doing a full assessment of the squad nice and early, to identify people who will be coming and going.

Which will be all the more important this year due to the world cup and England being the only country in Europe to have brought the transfer window closure forward a couple of weeks.
Let's be honest. If SA was any good all the teams he's 'saved' would have offered him a longer contract for keeping them up. He does a 'job' and is expected to fuck off again.
We should remember that the only reason there's a decision to be made is because Allardyce forced an 18 month contract.

Moshiri only ever wanted him on a six month contract to get us out of a perceived relegation fight. It's hard to imagine that Moshiri has been convinced he's the right man in the time elapsed since.

I'm more and more confident he'll be gone soon enough.

If you look back at his exit from West Ham:

18th May 2015 - "I want to see this through," he said. "But that depends on a lot of anomalies in terms of negotiations. I'll find out next week and then if they say that (they won't renew his contract) I can ask them why - see if they give me an honest answer."

22nd May 2015 - ďI didnít want to stay,Ē he said. ďI suppose you can say it is a mutual [decision], if they say they didnít want to give me one [a contract] anyway! Thatís a bit of tit for tat, but itís done and dusted now, itís settled, we both move on.Ē

We'll pay him off and he'll be happy to shuffle off in the distance.


I told myself I wouldn't allow myself to get turned on by Everton again, because she's an aloof, cold mistress, but fuck it, my kecks are off, and I'm lubed and biting the pillow in anticipation
Easy tiger havenít had my fuckin dinner yet and thereís you lubbed
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
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love Giroud.
But wasn't dunc when we signed him?
I personally like a nark
Massively flawed player and character.

So not what we need.
But wasnít dunc when we signed him?
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
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Nice feet from Giroud.
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