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The Everton Forum / Re: Gylfi Sigurdsson
« Last post by TheSig on 55 minutes ago »

I'm here to dismiss claims that he's poor in open play, there is no pretty way of presenting them with science. I couldn't careless when someone without an opinion comments ''tl;dr'' because it's not like you were going to say anything relevant anyway.

Any comments not related to this subject specifically, is irrelevant. Especially from someone who hasn't even commented on the thread, let alone contributed.

Based on my sources, he's on his way to signing with you lot. So I'm here to give a little insight via stats, facts, and video evidence.

If you're not interested in learning about your potential 25-40mil signing, then be my guest to do as a leaf. I couldn't careless.
The Everton Forum / Re: Gylfi Sigurdsson
« Last post by TheSig on 59 minutes ago »
I've officially decided I don't want the lad near us  because I can't be having  with people calling him Siggy

Most people refer to him as Gylfi, or even ''the sig'' over Siggy.

But the rest of his game has to stack up as well.  Not convinced it does. We might as well sign Dave Chalinor because he could lash in a boss throw

Most of these goals/assists are from open play, through balls/crosses on both feet, headers, and goals inside/outside the box on both feet.

I think it's pathetic of you to dispute this, clearly you don't know him well enough to boldly state this nor have you watched him enough to have an opinion worth anything.

And in regards to Dave Chalinor, Iceland's captain Aron Gunnarsson is notorious for assisting with throw-ins. Remember Iceland's first goal against England? I'm sure you do.
My impression is that he's a good open field player, who is great at free kicks.
Open field? Are you implying Sigurdsson cannot handle pressure from his opponents?

If he was great in open play, we wouldn't be in the conversation to sign him.
He has more goals/assists than any other midfielder in the league since 2014/15.

There's nobody more both footed than him in the world, whether it comes to passing/through balling/crossing/shooting on both feet.

Tottenham want to sign him, & pundits and former players/managers of the top 7 teams have commented on him being more than adequate enough for any of the top 4 teams.

I trust their evaluation over yours.

Besides, Arsenal have Ozil, Chelsea have Fabregas, Spurs have Eriksen/Alli, United have Mata/Mkhitaryan, Liverpool have Lallana/Firmino/Coutinho/Wijnaldum, City have De Bruyne/Silva.

The only team that actually needs a playmaker in the top 7 is.. Everton. That's why they're his most realistic destination. He has publicly stated that he doesn't want to be on the bench, and I doubt he would join any of those teams without being reassured that he'll be starting every game.

An article I read a few weeks ago was bold enough to state ''If Sigurdsson were 24 years old, every team in the world would be after him.'' Implying that being 27 years old is too old.

He proved himself with 16 goals and 9 assists in the championship at 20 years old, and then again with 7 goals & 5 assists in 18 PL games on loan from January in 11/12 at 22 years old.

As soon as he got to play his first season with a decent striker, he got 8 assists in his first 13 apps of 14/15. At what age? 24 YEARS OLD

Tell me how he is poor in open play, and I'll gladly explain to you why you're wrong in the most detailed manner possible.
The Everton Forum / Re: Gylfi Sigurdsson
« Last post by Jamokachi on 1 hour ago »
Slaven Bilic is a qualified lawyer I think, as well as being in a "rock" band at one point.
Kevin Campbell runs a security firm.

Remember reading that ex Leeds fatty Tomas Brolin became a vacuum salesman.
The Everton Forum / Re: Gylfi Sigurdsson
« Last post by TheSig on 1 hour ago »
it's probably extremely difficult for a layman to read into stats
I've watched Sigurdsson for more than 10 years, through Reading's academy and Iceland's youth teams.

So despite being bias, I am nonetheless incredibly informed/educated surrounding this topic. On this specific topic, you're the layman relative to me.

Welcome to Mr. Sig's Wild Ride.

By my logic fabregas would be the better passer with the higher pass completion

So lets just ignore the fact that Sigurdsson has 2 more assists, and 11 more chances created despite having 291 less passes? (27.1% less)

And since when is ''pass completion'' the holy grail of playmaking? Sigurdsson finished 14/15 with 85% pass ratio, and regularly puts in 90%+ performances vs the top 7.

When you have players like Son/Hazard/Kane/Costa/Lukaku/Aguero/Alli/Pedro and PLENTY of others on your team. Wouldn't it be A LOT easier to pass successfully?;

- Distracting defenders, thus easing the pressure off you.
- Receiving the ball better, with their superior heading/first touch/etc compared to Swansea's players. Thus a higher pass completion ratio.
- Scoring/Assisting more goals, especially outside the box. Forcing the defenders to prioritize man marking them over the playmaker of the team.

That doesn't even factor in the superior fullbacks the top 7 have, Baines/Coleman/Walker/Rose/Bellerin/Alonso/etc.. They're better in attack than most wingers in the world.
Or the CB's, Luiz/Alderweireld/Vertonghen/Bailly/Cahill/Kompany/etc capable of scoring goals/assisting/distributing incredible balls.

Do none of these facts make it easier for De Bruyne/Eriksen/Ozil/Fabregas to score/assist?
If you believe otherwise, then I have a bridge to sell you.
Let alone does it make it easier to have a higher pass completion ratio. You're bonkers mate lolol

He finished 3rd most assists(10) in 14/15 with 1 less than 2nd place Cazorla at 11. With 8 assists in the 1st half, 2 in the 2nd half.
- 8 assists his 13 games, and then only 2 in his next 19? Why? BECAUSE BONY WAS SOLD! And never properly replaced with an adequate striker.

He finished 3rd most assists(13) in 16/17, 2 behind Eriksen and 5 behind De Bruyne
- He was already at 11 assists 28 games into the season & leading the assist table, but only got 2 more in his last 10 games.

28 games into the season, De Bruyne only had 9 assists, Eriksen had 10, and Fabregas only had 7.

Swansea selling Bony, and changing the teams tactics/style prevented him from challenging for the first place spot.

De Bruyne got 5 assists in his last 4 games of the season, going from 13 to 18.

This means 34 games into the season, he was equal to Sigurdsson despite having 184% more passes than him. 1449 vs 784.

De Bruyne is also one footed, or at least compared to Siggy, I sure know who I would put my money on delivering through balls/crosses/passes better on both feet.

Eriksen got 3 assists in his last 2 games of the season, going from 12 to 15.

So 2-4 games before the season ended, Sigurdsson was equal/above them in the league. Just like he was most of the season.
Doing this for Swansea proves not only that he is on their level, but above. Their stats would be much worse playing for Swansea than Sigurdsson's.

Paul Clement changed Sigurdsson role
Which didn't suit him at all considering he only got 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 10 games.

The midfielder with the most goals & assists since 2014/15 (54) suddenly dries up for no apparent reason? Hm..
In comparison, Ozil has 53, Fabregas/Mane have 51, De Bruyne has 40, with 1 less season.

Eriksen has 54 too, equal with Sigurdsson. But when you get an assist for this:

Tapping the ball, where Kane thunders it up the net = Joint most goals/assists? Hmm..

Or this:

That's even more lucky. Yet they're both valid assists.

In my eyes, Gylfi Sigurdsson is outright with the most goals & assists out of any midfielder since 14/15.

But you tell me I'm mental for believing he's better than them?

How is he exactly worse? Outperforming them with a worse team and much worse players = He's worse?

If you're going to automatically assume someone is better based on what team they play.. Then you're a lot less credible than I initially believed.

your man's behind in both in sum of passes or touches.

Don't you realize having less passes and touches on the ball means he has less goals and assists?
I pointed that out because it has a negative impact on his overall statistics, which would be resolved if he played in a system more built around him, or better players.

Why has Sigurdsson scored 0 goals with his right foot in open play this season? When he has scored goals like this in the past:

0 goals with his right foot in open play

Previous season statistics:
7 goals in 18 matches on loan for Swansea in 11/12
- 5 in open play (27.7%)

7 goals in 32 matches in 14/15
- 3 in open play (9.3%)

11 goals in 36 matches in 15/16
- 6 in open play (16.6%)

8 goals in 58 matches for Spurs in 2497 min(43min per app on average)
- 7 in open play (12%)

9 goals in 38 matches in 16/17
- 0 in open play (0%)

How could this happen?; He's being used out of position on the left wing, and also shackled with defensive duties. He has also been the victim of some beautiful saves. It's a combination of multiple reasons to be honest.
He regularly defends as deep as a fullback for Swansea, which obviously limits his chances forward. This however is the main reason why he covered more distance than any other player this season.

He was also shackled with defensive duties during the Euro's, where he was deployed as a CDM thus rarely joining Iceland's attacks and instead prioritized defending.
Resulting in 1 goal(penalty) and 1 assist. Iceland however, remained unbeaten until the 5-2 loss to France, so his defensive contributions had a huge impact.

Llorente in there and Swansea were scrapping to survive
Sigurdsson directly created 29 of Swansea's 45 goals this season, with 13 official set piece assists, 5 set piece goals from freekicks/penalties, and 7 set piece's he took but didn't officially receive an assist for.
This has nothing to do with Sigurdsson being ''bad'' in open play, this has everything to do with how 3 of Swansea's 4 managers this season have built the team around Llorente.

Rather than passing the ball to Sigurdsson for him to shoot/pass/cross, they choose to cross it into the box themselves.
This ultimately saved them from relegation, but had dire consequences on Siggy's stats, especially at the end of the season.
that explains his pass efficiency a bit.
No it doesn't. Sigurdsson is a slow & weak player relative to his peers/size. Which forced him to work on his technique/ability on the ball.
He makes up for his lack of physical attributes, by having a diverse arsenal. I've honestly never seen a more complete player in my life(bias).
The other stuff, compilations and stuff; neat! Looks awesome, like I say would love him here.
That's all you have to say after seeing some of the most unsaveable goals you've ever seen? Those goals & assists aren't ''lucky'' or down to poor goal keeping, unlike you can say about certain players.

He can score or assist against any team in the world, what more could you ask for? None of the other playmakers in the league score goals like him, or create goals out of nothing like him on both feet.
Ross Barkley puts it in the top bin with his left peg with his eyes closed
Yeah, his whopping 15 goals in 104 goals sure prove that. If you're not even good on your right foot, how can you be good on your left?
no way sigurdsson is better than de bruyne, ozil, Erickson or fabregas you totally mental person.
Considering how wrong you've been so far, and resorting to ad-hominem rather than using any form of evidence, facts, statistics or video footage to prove your point...

Thus, I conclude. Your opinion is something that I truly do not care about.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Jamokachi on 1 hour ago »
With me? I'd have Hitler and gerrard playing for us if they were good enough. My issue isn't that it's Wayne Rooney it's that he's not very good and he's being judged on sentiment which would be understandable if hed actually done something here

The Everton Forum / Re: New Number 9 Wearer?
« Last post by blargins on 3 hours ago »
Ibrahimovich was one for the future signing for utd wasn't he?
The Everton Forum / Re: Thoughts on Iheanacho??
« Last post by blargins on 3 hours ago »
You don't understand because it is Scouse
No it's not.
The Everton Forum / Re: Best Moyes Era Eleven?
« Last post by blargins on 3 hours ago »

Coleman. Jags. Lescott. Baines.

Osman. Fellaini. Arteta. Pienaar.


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