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I honestly don’t think Tuson will be here in 12 months time, I can’t see him linking the play nor scoring enough goals, hope I’m wrong but we’ll have to wait and see.
But wasn’t dunc when we signed him?

Dunc never played the big I am. He was just nuts and not to be messed with.
I like the sound of it, but brands work has all been buy low sell high. Our philosophy recently has very much been buy high, give high wages, lose on a cheap, don’t build a working squad.

Hopefully will be a mix of the two, buying low but with the purse strings relaxed.

I absolutely refuse to believe we’ll get anywhere near ziyech or Lozano, but there’s about 5-6 young players in that league who are primed for CL level breakout seasons, they are two of them for sure and would definitely up our ‘game changer’ quota.


Ziyech  Tosun  Lozano

Well that doesn’t look bad does it...
The Speculating Unprofessionals Forum / Re: Jack Wilshere
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
If Ramsey is available in the summer, I would far rather have him here.

Is twice the player of jack and on top form one of the best in the league. Wouldn’t be able to get him though unless the new boss pisses in his cereal day one and he throws a wobbly one.
The Speculating Unprofessionals Forum / Re: Jack Wilshere
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
Think wilshere would walk into our midfield simply down to the fact he’s technically very good (similarly to Rooney) but I can very much imagine what would happen if we signed him, which is that we would be trying to build our midfield around the sort of player it is impossible to build around. Plus he’s never going to play a whole season.

Fine on a free if he could play a similar role as at arsenal - loose squad player, capable and technically good....but if he’s the core of our CM we are in for a shite time again.
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by blueski on 3 hours ago »
Koubilaly is immense he'd play on any team anywhere; if he comes to the PL that team would win it all
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