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Niasse can trap a ball...
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Bournemouth Saturday 3pm
« Last post by Simon Paul on 2 minutes ago »
20 decent minutes after the players we all wanted on the pitch actually came in
The Everton Forum / Re: Nonsense about kids not being ready
« Last post by mikey_blue on 3 minutes ago »
If you're good enough you're old enough, I'm made up Kenny has looked good when he's played it means there's no reason to start Cuco the clown at RB

Especially with the likes of Spurs and Liverpool using their younger players and full-back. Get them in the game, maybe give their senior counterparts a kick up the arse too.
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Bournemouth Saturday 3pm
« Last post by blue1948 on 3 minutes ago »
Koeman was overjoyed, or he would have said 'But OK, I didnt prepare for Bournemouth, they're a much better team than us, i should have played 8 defensive players'

He was overjoyed as knew he wouldnt be sacked. but his team/formation/style is still fucking shocking for one of the highest paid managers in the world. How many games this season has his original team been totally wrong? having to make subs to sort out the inbalance.. but some plonkers on here cant see that we are dreadful, just that we played 4 of the top 6.
Do you really believe the shit you write ? Many new signings ,4 of the hardest teams to beat for our start to the season  , do you think we should be up there at the top ?
Koeman gets a talk on his way of looking at things.
I still think Niasse is a very poor footballer, but he's evidently a good finisher. And what we need now is exactly a good finisher, so good on him.
For those old enough,the great Allan Clarke did jack outside the box but was a legend in it.He,s what we need,give the lad his chances and he will get goals for us.
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Bournemouth Saturday 3pm
« Last post by toffee_scot on 4 minutes ago »
Again, delighted for Niasse today, he took his chances and helped secure the victory.

Very strange game, the lineup at the beginning suggested that Koeman hadn't learnt many lessons from the last month, I'm getting quite sick and tired of seeing Sigurdsson and Rooney having to start in the same team. Some credit does have to go to Koeman though for making the correct substitutions and finally having the balls to sub off Wayne Rooney - Niasse got the goals, Davies got the assists and while I was scratching my head at first regarding Kenny, he defended well and got forward, I'd be happy if he was picked ahead of Martina from now on.

I'm more optimistic that we do currently have the players to push on and grab more points, however I still need convincing regarding whether Koeman is really the right manager for the job, I'm already very nervous at the thought of his teamsheet for the next game.
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by The Analog Kid on 4 minutes ago »
According to Sky Lovren, Matip & Can were all subject to fitness tests ahead of Leicester and were doubts.... they all start today. Sky are full of shit! They’ve put Moreno at LB ahead of Roberstson?! Clueless!

Vardy starts 👍🏻
The Everton Forum / Re: Freaky Fortnight
« Last post by BlueForYou on 5 minutes ago »
Two down, two to go.......................COYB!
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