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Author Topic: Ratings Vs Stoke City  (Read 3109 times)

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Re: Ratings Vs Stoke City
« on: August 13, 2017, 01:56:21 AM »
Pickford - 7 - Had one save to make and a brilliant one it was. I thought at times he was trying a bit hard with his passing and that didn't come off a few times but we've got a keeper (pun intended) here.

DCL - 7 - Well this match gave to us the answer to a question nobody thought needed to be asked, Is DCL a better RWB or striker? Did a decent job in the first half in terms of being constantly on the move and the assist for the goal but was definitely better when he moved up front.
Jagielka - 5 - Passing was truly abysmal today. Admittedly he didn't do too much wrong otherwise.
Williams - 6 - Nothing wrong.
Keane - 7 - Good debut from him, really solid defender.
Baines - 6 - Timid and isolated.

Schneiderlin - 5 - Needs to sort himself, been off-colour all pre/season.
Gana - 8 - Everywhere. Imagine we had a few who pressed like him. MOTM
Klaassen - 5 - Not the match for him.

Rooney - 8 - Didn't get much joy in the first half but very good goal. He controlled things in the second half.
Sandro - 6 - Good play in the build up for the goal and think he'll get better the more he plays. Would like to see him more involved.

Martina - 5 - Put in some decent crosses but he can't header a fucking ball.
Davies - 7 - Gets on the ball and brings us much more presence in the final third.
Mirallas - 6 - Meh

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