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The Everton Forum / Re: Frank Fabra
« Last post by Free Agent on 1 hour ago »

Frank Fabra would go to the Premier League after the World Cup. President Daniel Angelici confirmed on TYC Sports that he received an offer from Everton for Fabra

Hope thatís a real agreement between the clubs and not just some gentlemenís wink & a nod.
Itís mad the way we debate it when the people in charge know all the answers
Fucking hate this ... we really need to change our attitude. We revel in things going wrong so we can laugh and say "Everton that" - whereas the RS are bleating to everyone who will listen, that they are going to demolish Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League.

Fucking worlds apart as fans. Does my head in.
But there is a strong element of people moaning as soon as things arenít obviously happening (both on and off the pitch) whereas lots of things are events that happen everywhere.

The problem is then when something does go wrong all these other things are dragged up as ďexamplesĒ when in reality theyíre not linked.

I know things work both ways but we need to start being more positive, however difficult that might be

This might be naive but - we are absolutely desperate for some positivity. If we can just show some signs this summer of the club moving forward and not getting left behind, then god willing we have a decent start to the season...dunno about anyone else but over the last few years I went from someone who would habitually devour official site content to someone who would I actively avoid Everton until 15:00 Saturday afternoon.

The segura bevies were the best part of the day as well.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by brap2 on 3 hours ago »
Walcott? Minus the playmaking.

Yep no chance, heís an out ball not a ball player.
At last an acknowledgement to the skills of Big Sam because we were far from settled when he arrived.
Should be getting home from work around kick off time so gonna kick back with a takeaway and a cider and watch a Ronaldo masterclass, town is gonna be hell though not only with that lot around going to bars and the arena but the river festival is on at the dock
We are at a party for my brother to celebrate his new kidney - sadly it's at a Sports and social club so the game will be on

Iím at a family party in Liverpool city centre. My family are all blue but my sister in laws brothers are reds. Luckily there arenít any TVs in the venue.

My dad has decided to drive to the do so we can get away ASAP as town will be chaos.
He's managed five clubs over a seven year period. That's pretty much standard for managers on the continent.

He left Estoril for Lisbon when he took them as far as he could.

He was unfairly sacked at Lisbon when they decided they wanted Jorge Jesus.

Then took the job at Olympiakos where he then left for so called personal reasons. No one really knows the reason behind that but his record there was very impressive.

Then went to Hull who were actually bottom of the league looking dead and buried. To even give them a hope of staying up is impressive in itself.

At Watford he took a team that finished 17th the season prior to top six before our intervention.

That run of results at Watford is pretty much the only blot on his copybook.

At Everton he'll have his first real opportunity at managing a settled club with a long term plan where he's made an integral part of said plan.

I also think the fact he's sat on this job for six months when he could've looked at other opportunities (Benfica were very interested for instance) gives me the impression he'll see this a massive opportunity to build something.

Also, look at it this way. We're all worried at how unsettled he became when the chance of a better job come along at Watford and we seem to think if that chance arises at Everton he'll throw the towel in. Well, if he does leave for a bigger club, that would mean he's done a very good job here :)
At last an acknowledgement to the skills of Big Sam because we were far from settled when he arrived.
What's everybody doing tomorrow night ? I'm torn between
1. renting Darkest Hour ( very apt ) off Sky or
2. doing the Sunday shopping early at Tesco.
Every pub in England is going to be full of fake redshites ,can't abide that and I just know I'll get in bother.

We are at a party for my brother to celebrate his new kidney - sadly it's at a Sports and social club so the game will be on
Is this guy really the best we can do and rely on to build the team and club back to greatness ? We need the nearest thing to a another Klopp and I really dont think Silva shows anything like it to build my and our hopes on.

Its his record AT Dortmund that made the Reds go for him.

The point was he was a similar age to Silva when Dortmund took a chance on him.

We're not going to attract a Dortmund Klopp to us, but we can maybe find someone who was like Klopp pre Dortmund and can come here and build something like he did there.

I'm not saying we can win the league or get to the Champions League final but there's plenty examples of top managers who've had bumps in the road in their early career, in fact there's very few who haven't.
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