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Author Topic: not an easy question to ask..  (Read 9547 times)

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Re: not an easy question to ask..
« on: September 26, 2017, 04:11:48 PM »
If you're worried about this then an away game is the absolute worst thing you can consider @Confucius
I've yet to go to an away game that hasn't had me pulling people/walking away from some racist pricks. Granted, i only go a handful a year, but it tends to be full of the hardcore head-the-balls.

If walking down the street in Liverpool on a Saturday afternoon would be too intimidating for you then so would going to Goodison on a matchday. I would say your chances of bumping into a racist element is as likely in either. (i.e. slim, but unfortunately not zero).

p.s Too short notice for me to offer for @SANA_DR0 , but if you give me a nod i'd be more than happy to meet up and mooch about with you if it reassured you.

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