October 24, 2018, 06:21:09 AM

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I tip Fellaini to be brought on late on to salvage something for them.

I also tip big Mina to be brought on to put him in his place.

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Lukaku can score 1 as long as we get 2.
After tonights result we could end another Man Utd manager's career.
The Everton Forum / Re: Sure speed challange
« Last post by mikey_blue on 46 minutes ago »
Tosun's mackem accent kills me off.
General Football Chat / Re: Lukaku
« Last post by Fynci on 1 hour ago »
Trending on twitter, people are claiming he was a pitch invader this evening. Guess he didnít have the best of games.

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United are nothing special nowadays, hope we turn up and have a right go at them because they look vulnerable. The only thing that worries me is Lukaku hasn't scored in ages and you know what that means and their height.
United are shite
General Football Chat / Re: Today's Football 2018/19
« Last post by irishtoffee on 2 hours ago »
Jose pulling the no subs trick to show how poor his squad is! Can't stand him
The Everton Forum / Re: Ticket prices
« Last post by Mouse on 2 hours ago »
@Bally will close this thread if anyone else mentions Christmas in October :)
It was the club that done it, ok Crimbo but same thing...sorry, I'm ashamed.
There's aways Sunday to change that stat... You just know it.

Not sure yano ...we have good strength at the back now ...lukaku is bullying nobody ...if he turns up .
Apparently Lukaku hasnít scored at Old Trafford since March.

WTF?   £75M?

Oh wait!

There's aways Sunday to change that stat... You just know it.
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