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Author Topic: [News]Koeman backtracks on Niasse  (Read 23486 times)

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Re: [News]Koeman backtracks on Niasse
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The criteria isn't get someone better than Cadamateri, Branch or whoever. It's getting someone who's good enough to score goals consistently NOW in the Prem. We aren't a lower Prem team, like Hull, whatsoever. People aren't dismissing him because of some agenda. They are dismissing him because of all the available evidence:

1) The man who bought him did so out of panic, and then spent the subsequent months pretending that he had an injury that wouldn't allow him to play. its that bionic wrist of his, i think it scared Martinez and scared Koeman, but slowly the wrist will conquer all fear
2) Koeman is a pragmatist. He's not bothered about reputations or agendas. If Niasse was good enough, he would've been selected and given a locker. Ballswax, he didnt give him a locker last year, cos Koeman thought Niasse was no where near a footballer..
3) At Hull he flitted in an out of games, and managed to score 4 in 17 games, but generally looked substandard and not even good enough for Hull.he only started a few of those 17 games, most he came on and scored in.
4) The lack of people trying to sign him. thats cos he's our CULT hero lol and not anyone elses.. in the words of Tranmere, our super blue army* replace blue for white in regards to Tranmere.

I know thats not the criteria, but he can and will score goals, give him a go, rather than have the same players who cant score... ATM we are in the lower 1/5th of the premier league, like Hull where,  may as well use him to get us up there, meanwhile Sandro/Klaassen/Rooney/Siggy can get match fit or learn a formation they can all play in, but having those players on the pitch who create ZILCH, is not going to do anything productive for our team.
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