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Author Topic: Browning at Sunderland  (Read 1488 times)

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Re: Browning at Sunderland
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Is there any obligation by the host club to select a loanee for a minimum number of games? Sunderland are near bottom of the Championship and do not seem to give Browning many games as far as I can see. Can't we take him back on the basis he is not being developed as hoped?

It's all dependant on the original agreement made between the 2 clubs..EFC can state he must play x amount of games per period of loan...likewise they could say he can ONLY play x amount......if EFC think he's not getting the required games they can recall him....if EFC think he'd be better playing with our U-23's they can recall him.....however, EFC may feel he's better off training in and around a first team....also being on loan somewhere out of their comfort zone is better character building for them (or most)

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