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The Everton Forum / Re: Michael Keane
« Last post by eyesalwaysblue on 9 minutes ago »
However bad Keane has been, he is nowhere near as bad as Williams.
That's true, find it hard to blame the players for us having a bad collection off staff to create a perfect shit storm of bad recruiting Pickford apart probably, although i'm developing a healthy dislike of Shneiderlin due his self overate.
Don't really get the Williams shouts. He's not been good but he's trying. This thread should be confined to them that can't be arsed and them on ridiculous wages
Williams has been better than Keane for a start. Oddly it's fashionable to blame Williams for Keane (who's not had 1 good game) being shit
Just hope Coleen likes Chinese food.
The Everton Forum / Re: Moshiri
« Last post by Escla on 23 minutes ago »
I think no firm decision will be taken until we find out what division were playing in next season. Understandably.

Bit melodramatic that, we've exchanged contracts, legally committed to buy now.
The Everton Forum / Re: Moshiri
« Last post by blue1948 on 2 hours ago »
He makes vanity decisions without due process. Koeman was pursued and hired without interviewing him against a shortlist and due diligence as to his suitability. Walsh was pursued because of some misguided notion that he was responsible for the biggest freak occurrence in top flight sport. Both appointments have proved an utter failure as they are two completely different personalities with two differing remits.

He also takes time out to speak to Sky Sports every transfer window since he's arrived. Each time making himself look a little silly.

I get that he's now the owner of a club in a sport with worldwide appeal, every rich man's dream, but there still needs to be due process in how business is conducted. We're in danger of becoming this seasons QPR in more ways than one.
Still can't see the argument : You cane him for hiring people and still reckon it is his decision to buy -not to pay for - the players . The talking to various outlets is a fundamental human right .
I feel there has been a gross overreaction to our influx of players ,the press and ourselves lead us to believe we were to become the next Chelsea or City and despite the restrictions now in place we have taken it hook ,line and sinker . Sadly now with bad management insecure performances and lack of a bit of luck we find ourselves looking up instead of down and in a far worse position than we thought we would be .It is an understandable reaction but not right . We all look for someone to blame ,some still blame Kenwright ,Walsh , Koeman ,you Moshiri and even some Martinez , in my opinion the truth lies with all of them but not one individual .
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by Tony Clifton on 5 hours ago »
Is your picture Tony Clifton la?

Watched man on the moon tonight!

Hey dont we have a poster called that??

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  ;)

That's that asshole Zmuda as Tony in Ram's profile pic there, btw.  Bad news that fella.  Zmuda, not Ram. 
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by bogie on 5 hours ago »
it done Tony Pulis its a done deal year and a bit deal
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by boothill on 6 hours ago »
Martin O'Neill studied criminology and sat in on the trial of Fred West.
sure i read somewhere that he qualified as a barrister, but that was ages ago and im probably wrong
The Everton Forum / Re: Unsworth
« Last post by brap2 on 6 hours ago »
Si said weeks ago that unsworth has been told hes not getting it.
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