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The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Escla on 4 minutes ago »
Was nevertheless a big fan of Mcarthy and am still fuming that he got himself injured playing for Ireland when the club said he was not fit but thought he looked quite sharp yesterday and far fewer sideways passes, thought Conolley couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough to the nearest player after he was dispossessed the first five time he tried to beat a man, more work to be done on him by Unsy, bench for cup games at best for him.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Lxxx on 4 minutes ago »
You can see why Moshiri is investing so heavily in the U-23's. It's becoming virtually impossible to do any sensible transfer business anymore with the amount of money in the game.

I know the net spend wankers will be out in force in every window with their calculators trying to prove we're not actually getting anywhere but clearly this is a medium to long term plan we're on and it won't be jeopardised by QPR-esque spending. Which I applaud.
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by Bob Sacamano on 5 minutes ago »
Sure thing.

In a surprising turn of events, im having some pre game fish tacos.

The food selection here is unreal. It's like a shopping mall.

Love fish tacos. Hot sauce?
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Mayor Farnum on 6 minutes ago »
Surely not? They only bought him last summer why would they renegotiate a new contract within his first season?

So that they can price him out of other clubs range. Maybe he had a buy out clause in his previous contract and Palace wanted it removed.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Bob Sacamano on 28 minutes ago »
Surely not? They only bought him last summer why would they renegotiate a new contract within his first season?

Didn't we hand out a new contract to Martinez and his carthorse McCarthy after one season? 
The Everton Forum / Re: Gylfi Sigurdsson
« Last post by sam of the south on 31 minutes ago »
Koeman's teams here have always seemed to have at least one strong runner in attack so I'd be very surprised if we don't.

Plus I still think, for that reason, that Sigurdsson could be used in the role Gueye is now in.

Exactly, Mane and Long gave a vital dimension to his Southampton side.

Interesting theory on Sigurdsson.

The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v Ružomberok
« Last post by Rhys on 50 minutes ago »
Question would be will he start Sandro after just 45 minutes of pre season? He might think that's not enough to be sharp enough and risking injury throwing someone into a competitive game after that few minutes.
The Everton Forum / Re: KRC Genk Versus Everton Fc
« Last post by stirlingblue on 54 minutes ago »
Gana seems to have a new role, and I'm not sold. He has a much stronger defensive game than attacking game.

I may be remembering incorrectly but didn't he used to be a number 10 when he played in France?
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by Rhys on 55 minutes ago »
I know Koemans play style utilises a target man but Chicharito scores more goals than Giroud

In the last 8 seasons club goals since he came to england Hernandez has scored 98, giroud has scored 137. Hernandez has averaged 12.25 goals a season, giroud 17.12 a season. Hernandez has scored a goal every 2.71 games and giroud has scored a goal every 2.27 games

Girouds stats are better. Yes he will have started more games in that time but that will be because you can start him on his own, with people around him or howevers needed whereas Hernandez needs to be alongside someone and offers very little in general play aside from being a goal threat.

Then when you add in we have bought sandro who is a lively forward who can offer a threat in behind and good goal instincts plus koemans desire for a target striker to be the focal point it makes it a no brainer out who we would opt for if it was a choice between the two because we would be going for the striker with the better goal record, who is a role we need to to fill and contributes a lot to how the team functions as well. Especially when Hernandez game relies on sharpness around the box which will go as he gets older and giroud's is more about presence, ability to link the play which that type of striker generally gets better at this point in their career.
The Everton Forum / Re: What to do with Besic?
« Last post by BlueBeagle on 55 minutes ago »
Do you ever read your own comments "Come the summer" if not sooner ?????????. I had to check the date of the post twice !

Obviously next year
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