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The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v Atalanta
« Last post by Omar on 41 minutes ago »
fuck, how did we all feel in June?
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by bluenuck on 1 hour ago »
Sam will take us down.

The club is too big for him. He'll be massively out of his depth here.

What does this even mean?

Honestly we need to throw this thinking out the window right now. We're in massive trouble and it doesn't matter how big we are. As of right this second.

If anything we need to start acting like a club our size acts. Buying smartly, hiring smart progressive managers/coaches and back room staff. And expecting to have ups and downs. Look at Sevilla and Monaco for a reference.

Or are you joking? Lol
The Everton Forum / Re: Unsworth
« Last post by GLewis on 1 hour ago »
But he's trying to win the job as he's going from game to game.

He couldn't afford to be too negative, because it's clear that board didn't fancy him, as they've avoided giving him the job at every opportunity.

Well it would have been more endearing than 1-2; 0-2; 0-3 ;)

It just seems like, it is as feared, that inexperienced mistakes are being highlighted at this level.

Harsh on him yes, but he stated he wanted the job so thatís what itís like at this level, intense scrutiny all the time.

We must have changed formation 3/4 times in the second half alone tonight, thatís very hard to keep up with even if youíre full of confidence. And weíve yet to see the best set up / mix of styles in the starting xi (Chelsea away) repeated, which is a bit odd.

And I donít buy that the players arenít trying; even tonight we could have equalised, before we collapsed, with Keaneís header but it was the Feeney sub that really let the wheels come off.

Looking at the pictures from training it appears that the players like his sessions but that could simply mean that heís a coach rather than a manager.
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we go for?
« Last post by Bluedylan on 1 hour ago »
Down within the next three years lads.

They'll fuck this up, Moshiri will eventually pull his money, the fans will dessert the club and we'll finally succumb to relegation.

As bad as it's ever been this and I get the feeling it's only the start.

Was much, much worse than this under Mike Walker and Walter Smith. You seem to have lost your head a bit.
The Everton Forum / Re: Jonjoe Kenny
« Last post by Bally on 1 hour ago »
Coleman's best years are probably behind him. Hope not though.
Are you on fucking meth
Or just WUM
Everything you put fucking ridiculous
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v Atalanta
« Last post by Bally on 1 hour ago »
The only word I'm not lost for is debarcle
Yet you're still lost for debacle
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we sell?
« Last post by Heisenberg on 1 hour ago »
The worrying thing is how much we seem to have spent, and ended up with not a lot of resellable value. God knows how we will get around finacial fair play sorting this mess
The Everton Forum / Re: Who should we sell?
« Last post by MrWhite on 1 hour ago »
I can definitely see a scenario where Swansea look to take Williams back.

Between that deal + Mirralas to WHU, you could get the guts of 15m in. Given it has gone deathly quiet re: when Barkley will return (4 weeks ago Unsworth said he was 3 weeks away), I'd say he's spoken again to officials to confirm he wants out. There's another 15m.
More imagination with Barkley. Unsworth mentioned him in the last couple of days and he is apparently a couple of weeks away.
The Everton Forum / Re: steven, kanchelskis , arteta
« Last post by Tony Clifton on 1 hour ago »
Heart says Steven, head says Kanchelskis.  If I had a vagina I'd no doubt say Arteta.   ;D
The Everton Forum / Re: Unsworth
« Last post by Ridge on 1 hour ago »
Gave Feeney a chance to get a bit of game time, he was the only defender on the bench and we were already falling apart defensively.

Williams looked like he was going to hang up his boots and Keane was gifting chances.

It obviously didn't help the lad or others, but at least the younger players were trying.

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