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The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v Chelsea
« Last post by Confucius on 11 minutes ago »
Could we work some sort of Dominic Calvert-Lewin song to the tune of This Is how We do it by Montell Jordan?

Not sure many on here know that song my good man but what a throw back.

It's fridayyy night....
The Everton Forum / Re: Benteke?
« Last post by Heisenberg on 45 minutes ago »
Zaha was the only one of the palace boys worth pursuing. We put our eggs in the wrong basket
He's got West Ham written all over him.
Are you on party drugs!
Some of you Skysports young boys would have hated Joe Parkinson.
Joe wasn't injury prone from what I remember. He just had one injury that pretty much ended him.

Duncan Ferguson was injury prone.
General Football Chat / Video Ref
« Last post by Jamokachi on 2 hours ago »
Had my first experience of VAR (video assistant ref?) last night during the Sydney v Perth A-League semi final, and it was all a bit... well, surreal.

First of all our central defender Buijs went on a barnstorming run, played a one two and scored from a rebound off the Perth keeper, only for the linesman to call offside against the player in a central position who he had assumed the ball was being played to. 2 play backs later, players and managers going nuts with each other, fans not having a clue what was going on (some didn't even realise the technology was in use) and the goal was given. This probably took 3 to 4 minutes of complete confusion to be confirmed.

Then, to rub salt in Perth's wounds a delivery from the left is headed in by Holosko, only for the same linesman to call it offside. Now obviously because all the fans know the technology is available it's being shouted for. The ref obliges and sure enough it's a goal. This decision is a bit more straightforward and is completed within good time though.

Both decision were correct, and the goals would have been incorrectly chalked off had the linesman's decision stood, but there's much to learn before this is rolled out as a smooth process. The main issue I found was that nobody really knew the technology was going to be used. Players, managers and fans were all as confused as each other.

I would rather our moe-ron President just blow the entire stupid planet up already than have Rom sold across the park, and no, I don't mean that as hyperbole.  Not at any cost.
Well let's at least win the league first,eh?
I think he's impressed when called upon this season, and does suit Koeman's style. However, his injury record and his perceived lack of commitment mean I wouldn't be arsed in the slightest if he did leave.
Some of you Skysports young boys would have hated Joe Parkinson.
He's got West Ham written all over him.

TBH I've never been able to understand what these tattoos on footballers say myself.

Anfield Wrap beaten by Kermode and Mayo's film reviews. Love it.

That's because they are boss
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