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The Everton Forum / Re: Watford v Everton
« Last post by gizzblue on 7 minutes ago »
Sam Sam  Sam Sam   

  Sam  Sam Sam Sam


If it's a win ,

and everyone else at fault if we lose .
The Everton Forum / Re: Watford v Everton
« Last post by dax78 on 12 minutes ago »
Come on lads whats the line up?
No mention of our lack of shots on target in that article.
Obviously wasnt including the two west brom games Bournmouth or the Arsenal dry bumming he dragged us to.
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The Everton Forum / Re: Dunc making Pistone cry
« Last post by blue1948 on 34 minutes ago »
Butler got sacked if I remember right after we played Sheff Wed .He said just before the match started " Here is a late football result ,Everton 3 Sheff Wed 2. He was never on again which was sad as he really was funny. Is he still alive by the way ?
Yes he is i'm sure i heard him on merseyside a couple of months ago when over at me mams....

his competition hold your plums was legendary to...on a sunday morning....always remember him trying to get ananswer off a woman..teh answer was potatoes....and he was trying to break the syllables up..ie pot... eight... toes...must've went on for an hour him and his mate was laffing theor heads......they couldn't talk for for laffing which was not good on radio...but very very funny...

There are lots on you tube including that one .Still laugh after the tenth time listening .Brilliant.
I get that people don't like him but are you really saying we've gotten worse since he came in? Honestly?

We are honestly no better than when he came in . The standard below Arsenal , and they are not great , is as bad as it has been in many a long year.
I blame Moshiri for making our club a laughing stock .
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