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Re: Martina
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:21:09 AM »
I like Cuco, while he's not the worlds greatest right back, he's a decent full back and was cheap. He's athletic enough to make us look at Baines as if he's a weak link, while also complaining that he finds himself in better positions and isn't able to create more. He's not our best player, but he's a good squad player, and if he's playing, it's because we don't have better options.

I think Martinez toxic departure was part of the reason so many were keen to label Niasse as a joke. And I hope we don't go that way with Schneiderlin, Cuco and others deemed as Koeman players.

We'll have Coleman back in not too distant future, but until then we have what we have. Cuco seems a quiet, shy, but ultimately decent chap and hard working player.

I do think there is more to come from him as he settles. He's no Dani Alves, but if Kyle Walker is worth 50m, Cuco was a bargain.

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