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Author Topic: [News]Koeman: It’s not as negative as everybody is thinking  (Read 5423 times)

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Re: [News]Koeman: It's not as negative as everybody is thinking
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220M what? Koeman has just said we spent 54 - 50M - look at the Echo report of his statement that we spent only a little more than Huddersfield. I cannot find an Echo interview video to show him talking about this and his own job. The one described as a preview of the Burnley game is not the one. If someone can find the interview which talks about what was spent and about himself feeling like "shit" after the game and whether he might be sacked or not, I would like to see it.

No it's not 220m net, of course. But he has spent 220m on HIS OWN players in a year and a bit. That's still a vast amount of money for the overwhelming majority of clubs in world football, aside from the elite. And here we are getting dominated for large portions by a team 8th in the Cypriot league.

We probably need to take 4 points minimum off Lyon to stay in the Europa League already. It's not even close to good enough and there are no excuses with a 220m outlay (which most managers would dream of).
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