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Author Topic: Transfer Window thread (no, not one of them)  (Read 1533 times)

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Re: Transfer Window thread (no, not one of them)
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Think it's daft tbh but in a way I can see this impacting the top teams most (and therefore benefiting us?). The big players from the top clubs seemingly move abroad or are more often linked to teams abroad wheras the middle and lower teams best players get cherry picked from the top clubs in the league. I'm merely basing that on stuff that's popped up in my head, this might not necessarily be the case**.

I also think they've picked the worst Summer to start this, what with the World Cup being on

**Liverpool's top player's in recent memory (Suarez and Coutinho)
Ronaldo went abroad, De Gea is normally linked with foreign teams
Hazard linked with teams abroad

Wheras likes of us normally lose our top players to better teams in our league - Lukaku, Fellaini, Arteta, etc (When did one of our best players last leave us for a foreign team? Gravesen?)

Sanchez and Matic, Torres, RVP are rare examples of a top English team's player moving (or potentially moving) to another top team

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