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Author Topic: Everton v Sunderland - Carrier Bag Cup  (Read 18397 times)

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Re: Everton v Sunderland - Carrier Bag Cup
« on: September 19, 2017, 04:10:47 AM »
I'm wel up for Kenny playing, but it's standard Everton stuff thinking that just because a player is young and a scouser and has hardly played that he's going to be boss.

If he can't get in the team ahead of Martina he must be doing something wrong.

I'm normally in the be cautious camp when there is such little evidence of what a player is actually capable of and people tend to get too excited and want people thrown in. However other than the fear of losing another game I think he should be playing this sunderland game. Against a team who are struggling as well and likely play a second team, if we loaned him out it would likely be too a good championship team anyway. But given Martina isnt good, Holgate isnt good enough on the ball for a modern right back it is a chance at home to give him his chance I believe.

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