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The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« Last post by Jamokachi on 15 minutes ago »
There was an interview with Anderson on the All Together Now podcast where he let slip that he's seen the draft plans, so they do exist. He also stated that the plans are very sympathetic to the area, given the UNESCO WHS listing. He mentions the use of bricks in the design, so we should maybe expect something a bit more along the lines of the Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, rather than that picture posted on the previous page.

It's been a funny old week hasn't it, and over the past 7 days there's been loads of posts that have got you talking - and liking...

Here is a run down of the top ten most "liked" posts over the past week

5 or 10 games? He was barely given 5 or 10 minutes into the Palace game and people were wanting him out!

There's life in the 'old' dog yet. :)
General Football Chat / Re: Post-Brexit Football
« Last post by Gash on 1 hour ago »
I don't think it would be a bad thing really. It would mean clubs have to promote and develop more home grown players which could only be good at international level.

I don't know the percentages of foreign players in other leagues but it does seem like the Premier League has far more than other leagues compared the other 'top five' leagues in Europe.

EDIT. Italy's quite high, Germany less than 50% and no mention of France of Spain in the top ten but England appears twice.
The Everton Forum / Re: Michael Keane
« Last post by Gash on 1 hour ago »
He's a sound lad and improving again as a footballer. Gone from much maligned by some fans to one of the first on the team sheet.

He's clearly someone who works on confidence and encouragement which probably isn't something he got of Allardyce and Koeman. Managers like Silva and Southgate will be far better suited to him.
Ah, heís so wonderful, I bloody love him
The Everton Forum / Re: Someone needs a hug
« Last post by Gash on 1 hour ago »
Apart from the majority of his first season I donít really remember Martinez side playing great footy. I might be wrong but I just remember it being infuriating for the most part.

Dined out on the back of 40 fantastic minutes away to Arsenal when we really did play them off the park. Other than a few brief glimpses after that it was mainly slow, boring possession football where he seemed to think you could pass the opposition into defeat but usual just sent everyone to sleep. Then the post match enthusiasm after another bland game was just the icing on the cake. We went from one extreme to the other from Moyes to Martinez. 
The Everton Forum / Re: Someone needs a hug
« Last post by Gash on 1 hour ago »
Sam's side was horrific to watch, and he's a monumental bellend, but at least he made us hard to beat and provided a solid foundation for Marco to build on. Wish we never had to go there, but because of Koeman I don't think we had much choice.

I'm not sure about the hard to beat bit. He won four (one was a dead rubber against Limassol that he couldn't even be arsed going to) and drew one of his first five games, so initially it all looked rosy. After that he won six, drew six and lost nine, those results included losing to Bournemouth away, pumped by Spurs and Arsenal away conceding nine goals between the two games and losing to Burnley and West Ham away. Leicester at home was probably his only respectable win and even then they hit the bar, the post and we cleared one off the line, all the other wins were games we should have been winning anyway.

If he's going to play boring, defensive, route one football and make statements that 'the result is more important than style' then he can't be losing nine games in the last 21 of the season, especially when we were at a stage latterly when we could have gone into some games and had a go. That's just the on field stuff, before we start on all the shite about blaming everyone else for results, and the 'it's just 15 people on the internet and the media's making a story of it' type comments. He honestly didn't believe that the majority of fans couldn't stand him. Just a horrible arrogant man who has done nothing to justify his arrogance, unless he classes keeping clubs up as a success (even though he claims to hate the "fireman Sam moniker) in which case the shitty clubs he usually gets are welcome to him, I'm just sorry we briefly appeared to fall into that category.
The Everton Forum / Re: Someone needs a hug
« Last post by Tony Clifton on 1 hour ago »
Ross looking for a hug...

Handhsake it is... :whistle:

Oh, poor old Stan Rolladice!?!  Remember him?   lolol
General Football Chat / Re: Scudamore whip round
« Last post by Jimmywhack on 1 hour ago »
Put the 5m into grass roots football...... Ha ha as if that would happen
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