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General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by Goaljira on 1 hour ago »
I would like to thank Stonesy for the $2500+ he made me (I took Wigan to win at +2200 right before kickoff).

Christ, those last 10 minutes were nervy af.

I think you owe Shogun a beer for jinxing City!
The Everton Forum / Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« Last post by Confucius on 2 hours ago »
Let's be clear. Unsworth wasn't good enough to be Everton manager. Let's also be clear that Unsworth is probably a better manager than Allardyce.
I think I saw Davy Klassen in there

Canít imagine heíd do well in the heat, what with being the Dutch Naismith
Said it was a red

Alone among the "name" managers, he's really a stand-up dude.
Donít think heíll ever be a proper big man 9, so considering that heís done brilliantly at times this year in that role.

See him as more of a mobile, dare I say, firmino type - mobile, linking up and creating for others while getting a few.

Just my pure blag opinion like, probably miles off.

Doesn't offer enough infront of goal go ever be a number 9 IMO. Maybe it's something he could develop overtime but I think it's something you have or you don't. Maybe having someone like Walcott could help him with that though.

Think he can still become a very good player though in a kind of Danny Wellbeck mode. Tall, fast, powerful striker who'll never get you more than 12 goals a season, but will offer a lot in other aspects of the game.

He's already improved massively from the player who broke into the team a year ago.

As for Davies, he's the business. Got everything you need as a midfielder in the modern game.

Looks like the lads are making the most of this Dubai trip as well. Holgate getting on some model in the clubs and that.

Is right the lads.
The Everton Forum / Re: Lookman
« Last post by Thornton_19 on 9 hours ago »
In fairness we've had a few occasions where he's done really well as sub starts the next game and is terrible.
He is the 1 I've highest hopes for but he's lacked any kind of consistency
Alladyce doesn't care about building anything he wants results now regardless of the long term detriment to the club.
He is happy with 40 points. Him sticking around for me means our younger players leave to get chances and win things. Lookman is only the beginning.
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by bacon sarnie on 9 hours ago »
Only £57 but it all counts!

Get the ale in!
General Football Chat / Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« Last post by Shogun on 9 hours ago »
Thought it was a red, myself. Pure luck that he didn't connect and snap his leg. Interested to see how Guardiola responds.

Said it was a red
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