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The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Bournemouth Saturday 3pm
« Last post by bogie on 51 seconds ago »
No I agree it's too defensive


Kenny.     Fatty.    Keane.    Baines

Vlasic/Lennon.            Lookman

           DCL.             Rooney

Surely that's got enough to beat Bournemouth?

lol all your talk over the last few weeks and you pick a team like that

do you even know were are players play ?
It's been a funny old week hasn't it, and over the past 7 days there's been loads of posts that have got you talking - and liking...

Here is a run down of the top ten most "liked" posts over the past week

The Everton Forum / Re: Moshiri buys the Liver Building
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
I'm glad that they have given us a few quid and I hope it leads to larger deals in the future, but as a brand in my opinion it is almost certainly not going in the right direction.

Search interest is the lowest worldwide in 5 years. Not a perfect metric as it doesn't take into account say social mentions or app searches (which you could imagine being the meat and drink) but I mean come on, it is clearly not the powerhouse it was a few years ago, misguided film franchise or no.
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Koeman backtracks on Niasse
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
I mean, he's just not a very good footballer and it was a mistake to sign him at that cost.

However, he does clearly have something to offer I suppose. Not sure what we're arguing about actually, is anyone's opinion much different to this?
But the fact Koeman had reintegrated him shows to me that he's admitting he had something to offer after all. Even though Koeman wont ever explain what really happened.

All it shows is how devoid of options we are. We lost Kone, Valencia and Lukaku in the summer, and brought in Sandro. The maths isn't difficult.
Koeman has behaved like a total fucking dick head.

We're a team struggling for goals and short of a striker and we've got this fella already on our books who seems to have a uncanny knack of knocking in goals and has been getting ignored for the last 14 months.

Of course if it continues as it is Koeman would look like a dickhead to carry on ignoring him while he complains about our lack of "productivity" in the final third, and people will rightly call him out on it.

Uncanny knack? How many first team goals has he got in English first team football? 5? There's reasons he's not been picked. Not because of some grudge that has been fabricated by fans, but because he's been assessed in training, time and time again.

Remember what Lukaku's verdict of him was when he signed "he's raw". Very endorsing.
And yet your username is in dedication to a similar type of cult hero in Amokachi.

Yea but mate, we were really shit back in the 90's when I was growing up. It's all I had to go on :)
The haven't been many"no marks" who have scored in the premier league ,I would go as far as saying that you have to be at the very least good .I respect the reference to 20 years supporting the team but that is nothing in our history because in that time we have not won a thing ,sadly you have not witnessed it but I can tell you we have had a lot worse and they did OK .I suspect the truly class players are Mirallas and Barkley .If it is so then more fool you as they don't / didn't want to play for us ,for that I have no time for them as with Rom -could be the greatest player to pull on our shirt but for me he will always be a disrespectful kid .

No, I'm not classing Mirallas and Barkley in that category. Although they are a damn site better. I've seen plenty of dross at Everton, thanks. And there have been plenty of no-marks who have scored in the premiership.
The Everton Forum / Re: Stupid Shouts Thread
« Last post by gizzblue on 2 hours ago »
Hes Phenomenal . ...glad it's not used around Goodison now.
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