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The Everton Forum / Re: Lozano
« Last post by penguinofdoom1878 on 28 minutes ago »

I did enjoy that summer where the esk kept throwing them out there, what a silly old sausage he was.

wasnt Carvalho his biggest claim that summer, can he change his twitter to theeskitk if it actually happens
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by Brownie20 on 34 minutes ago »
Reports today that Loftus-Cheek wants regular game time and is prepared to leave Chelsea. Would love him here
Whats happening here bally ? your slipping fella
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by blue slug on 51 minutes ago »
Iíd be ecstatic if we signed Wendell, RLC, Lozano and a quality CB
The Everton Forum / Re: Lozano
« Last post by Ramjam on 3 hours ago »
I have been impressed by the two Moroccan wingers, they look like an absolute handful, itís a pity they donít have a striker to finish their chances off.
It's been a funny old week hasn't it, and over the past 7 days there's been loads of posts that have got you talking - and liking...

Here is a run down of the top ten most "liked" posts over the past week

The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by Hawkandro on 8 hours ago »
RLC should be our number one target IF available. Exactly what we need in midfield.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by brap2 on 8 hours ago »
Would be very into that you know. I rate him as a player already and heís got plenty of room to get better.

Reminds me of Barkley a little bit in terms of top heavy build but moves very well. Can pass, can dribble, donít know what heís like getting in the box or on the edge but we have Sigurdsson, Lookman and Walcott who are all adept at that.
The Everton Forum / Re: Lozano
« Last post by Evertonian in NC on 8 hours ago »
30mills nothing in this market for a 22 year old with his ability. IMO we could be the right move for him at this stage of his career, a lot of the top clubs would like to see him in the PL or a better standard of league before spending big on him.

If Brands has a strong relationship with him, we should have the edge on this one, plus we'll offer daft wages

fuck and yes, we'd bite their hands off if they asked for 30m.  They'd barely get the sentence out of their mouths.
There was a law student named Wendell Williamson who went on a shooting rampage the year before I started law school at the same place.  I would occasionally break out that song when we drank at his bar, because I have always been a sick fuck.

Great album, I liked the song "Tennessee" even better.
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