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The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Koeman backtracks on Niasse
« Last post by MrWhite on 1 minute ago »
Nah, it's the other way round. I haven't seen anyone in the 'not good enough' camp behaving like this, but in fact I've seen a lot of snobbery and smug 'I told you so's' from those who said he was worthy of a chance.

Either way, it's all very boring.

There's a fair bit of shit behaviour on both sides. Quite how Niasse has become such a marmite figure is beyond me, but the level of snideness from some long time posters on both sides of the debate is just.. really fucking lame. If you're getting upset over Niasse for any reason you need to take some time out and get a fucking grip!
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Koeman backtracks on Niasse
« Last post by MrWhite on 4 minutes ago »
I'm sure Niasse is on to his lawyers as we speak..
So you think it's nice to call him a wife beater at this particular moment?

Some right snide shit going on round here at the moment. Maybe my post was condescending but it seemed politer that giving abuse to something that was pretty out of order.
The Everton Forum / Re: Olivier Giroud
« Last post by TheRam on 6 minutes ago »
Giroud is the business.

I'm willing to call a hit on his missus to get this done.
The Everton Forum / Re: Ratings V Bournemouth
« Last post by Bally on 13 minutes ago »
Watch the fucking game! Dont have your phone out every two minutes filming it! Same at gigs, ok take a photo or two, but filming whole songs?? Its like we cant enjoy things anymore without people knowing what we are doing...
We film things for the site sometimes
The Everton Forum / Re: Olivier Giroud
« Last post by brap2 on 13 minutes ago »
Some proper head on backwards opinions in this thread. Giroud walks into this team and takes it up a notch without breaking a sweat.

However, I'll be disappointed if we are ONLY looking at Giroud when we clearly need some pace in and around. Natural runners, carry the ball, get in behind, commit defenders and stick it on the mans head etc.
The Everton Forum / Re: Ratings V Bournemouth
« Last post by Bally on 14 minutes ago »
Funny enough that was my exact thoughts
The Everton Forum / Re: Merson on our one-paced recruitment
« Last post by MrWhite on 31 minutes ago »
Nah, not sure. Merson would credit Everton when others wouldn't. He watches Everton play so how do you know he is commenting on what he has seen, rather than copying other people's opinions?
If a pundit can only say what others have already said.. he's stealing a living. if he is independently reaching the same conclusions but taking longer.. he is stealing a living. Waiting a month and a half to tell us what we knew at the  start of August? You are really commending that level of punditry?!
Fuck me, and I thought Kopites were cringeworthy
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton vs Apollon Limassol
« Last post by Shogun on 1 hour ago »
I see the anti-Koeman brigade are already baying for blood with these thinly veiled comments. A 2-0 win will probably be met with derision.

Mine weren't, just worried about the personnel we've got out there.

Holgate and Williams at CB.
Sandro and Klaassen looking off the pace.

I've got absolutely no idea if these are decent or not.

They're not doing great in the league so far but only three matches in.
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