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The Everton Forum / Re: Summer Spending
« Last post by blargins on 6 minutes ago »
Thank fuck we finally have a net spend
General Football Chat / Re: 17/18 Premier League Predictions
« Last post by Ramjam on 23 minutes ago »
Celtic to win the Europa, are you insane? They would struggle win League One in England

Leicester struggled to stay up the year before they done the unthinkable, Celtic are a good side, underestimate them at your own peril, they will drop out of the CL at the group stage and I hope we avoid them assuming we beat Hajduk.
Haven't had the clap since Benidorm 1987
The clique maybe not the place for you
Didn't want to be in your stup..

Shit already done that one
The Everton Forum / Re: Ross Barkley
« Last post by MrWhite on 2 hours ago »
That's another clique thing. People have a strong aversion to amateur body language interpretation. It doesn't go down well on here. Not even joking.

It's a common way of people seeing whatever they want through cognitive bias. Particularly used to "prove" a player is unhappy, leaving, or whatever else suits someones pre-existing belief. Some people believe you can spot liars based on simple things, despite science repeatedly demonstrating the opposite.

Your comment does explain why there weren't more comments in reply though! Seems a bit strange that certain made up stuff is frowned upon when much of the discussion on here is driven by paper talk and random beliefs in various things that lack evidence.
1st Giroud
2nd Gylfi's bird
3rd Gylfi
4th Giroud's bird
Giroud is one handsome devil
Of the 4 of them above, it's Giroud everytime.
Thgats what happens when you get bummed by Swansea, you get the clap.
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