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The Everton Forum / Re: Theo Walcott
« Last post by Shogun on 3 minutes ago »
Says more about me than him but I don’t really know what kinds of goals he scores. Has anyone got a boss highlight video to whet the old appetite?

Positives :

Knows the prem
Can score
Can assist
Can be direct
Generally better than what we have in general
Tactically flexibility - RW/LW/ST
Has scored in big, clutch moments
Big club experience
European experience
4-4-2 RW’ers who score are extremely rare and generally expensive
Potential fun return of the ex narrative moment when walcott scores the winner against the arse and wenger explodes.

Expensive wages
Age (not too bad but you know)
Injury record
Looks a bit like Lewis Hamilton
Reminds me a bit of Lewis Hamilton
I don’t like Lewis Hamilton
Doubt we can sell him on unless we get a mad China offer 🇨🇳
Potentially horrible flop
Looks like his arse has gone
Feel like he’s probably a bit of a boring slug


Klopp ups his search for a new keeper
General Football Chat / Re: Australian school boys
« Last post by Ramjam on 22 minutes ago »
Burnley youth 0-2 Aussie boys

Shrewsbury res 3-4 Aussie boys

The Everton Forum / Re: Theo Walcott
« Last post by eyesalwaysblue on 1 hour ago »
Can we keep Wayne out of his ficking way..
The Everton Forum / Re: January Targets
« Last post by Jamokachi on 1 hour ago »
Tosun first choice
Terrier second
DCL youthful tactical back up

Terrier is 20.
Wish we were half as good as them.

Would even swap managers at this point.
General Football Chat / Re: Cyrille Regis R I P
« Last post by bacon sarnie on 2 hours ago »
Fucking immense human being and an incredible footballer. RIP Big Man!
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v West Brom
« Last post by bacon sarnie on 2 hours ago »

.......oh aye, we don't play that game anymore do we like.
Kurt Cobain would do a better job than most of the shite thats been brought in.
Fuck's sake, is he really that bad? And how do we know if he's never given a chance?
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