May 28, 2018, 02:29:34 AM

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Didn't even know he was into footy lad
Kopite. Goes the pub or his mates to watch the game. NEVER takes the kids even though the eldest is bang into it.

Got him and the mother in law to deal with Wednesday for the father in laws tea for his birthday. Wearing the Everton goalie top from Goodison. Might wear the gloves as well and then drop something and offer him them as matchworn by Karius
If we can move him on to Swansea on a free transfer then that would be great.

If not then I can see us loan him out to a struggling Premier League team like Huddersfield or Fulham.
Horrible player....horrible man. Needs to do one asap.

He's not a horrible man
Youll never walk alone......unless your surname is Karius......

Not surprised they abandoned him at the final whistle. Sums up the club perfectly. No class no dignity.
Not sure he's got the ability tbh.

I think hes a better player than what weve seen this season
Horrible player....horrible man. Needs to do one asap.

Haha. Horrible man?? Hes hardly hitler
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