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The Everton Forum / Re: Yerry Mina anybody?
« Last post by Juanito on 16 minutes ago »
I like Holgate, but he never wins any defensive headers. Its something ive noticed a lot about him this year. He seens to lose all the aerial duels hes in. For a CB that worries me a lot.

Think he is good at the right of a three man centre back pairing but not in a four, yet.
Score on his debut, towering header at the back post.
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by sam of the south on 2 hours ago »
El Salvador like. Great finishes, no question about it, but you know. El Salvador innit.

Iím sure Iíve seen that when Marco played him through the middle for Watford his performances got worse.

Not entirely sure Bernard has ever played as a 10 despite looking like one, although you see people saying it a lot. I tried to press Paul Riley on it (can bernard be our open chance creator?) on twitter and although he responded, he didnít answer really. No data available for
Ukraine from what Iíve seen either - he seems to have an awful lot of assists though.

The last half of your last sentence gave me a chubby
Baptism of fire this is
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by blueToffee on 6 hours ago »
Conceded two sloppy goals. They're still a bit 'puff pastry' if you get at them.

So are we  :eh:
The Everton Forum / Re: Our support
« Last post by TheRam on 10 hours ago »
I find it interesting how thereís been no real debate about the likes of Gana, Sigurdsson, Morgan after their performances at the weekend, yet Tom Davies performs like that and the debate dominates the forums and social media for a week.

Thereís certainly a lack of patience when it comes to the young lads and the notion that they some how get a free pass because theyíre young and local (in the case of Davies) is a complete myth.
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by Macca77 on 10 hours ago »
I'm gonna go through the Arsenal team and chuck a few quid on the one player who hasn't scored for a while
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by Toddacelli on 10 hours ago »
Walcott to score first and celebrate wildly - endearing himself to certain sections of our support.

Arsenal to score 6 in response.
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