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The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by TheRam on 2 minutes ago »
One half of me is no news is good news. Brands is getting stuff done behind the scenes.

Another half of me is flapping that we haven’t got anyone in and it doesn’t look likely we’re doing any business soon.

The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by Glory on 5 minutes ago »
If the club was skint they wouldn't have paid Big Sam off along with half the backroom staff.
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by bluestevie on 10 minutes ago »
"The club's skint.


Stop trying to muddy the waters. The club had cash last summer because we sold off the family silver. That was burnt by Koeman. He's left us immovable tat that we'll struggle to get rid of, so we are where we are: doing no business.

Why are you attempting to prop up this carpet bagger?"

An explaination of sorts why nothings happening on the player front or the inane ramblings of a cockwomble?
The Everton Forum / Re: Bid rejected for Lookman
« Last post by efcforlife on 13 minutes ago »
To me the lad just isn't focused on an Everton career.

I'd say 20mill and above and I'm happy.
The Everton Forum / Re: Bid rejected for Lookman
« Last post by Redartin on 14 minutes ago »
I really don't think so. My valuation -- and I think most others too -- has nothing to do with that first goal. It is rather based on his play for us (where his talent has definitely been apparent), his performances during the u-20 World Cup, and, especially, his terrific play in Germany.
I don't think he is "only potential right now." He is not a player being called up from the U-18s. He has proved himself -- first at the lower levels and then in the Bundesliga. His performances in Germany, in particular, have moved him beyond "potential only." Just look how bad Liepzig want him.
Not having a pop at you, I'm agreeing with most of what you say, just putting some reality in the mix.
In one and a half seasons, as a 17 year old, he made 45 appearances and scored 10 goals for Charlton in both the Championship and League One. So yes, he certainly had it in the lower leagues.
He came to us for 7.5m rising to 11m with add ons and he stayed for 12 months.
He made 24 appearances for the first team in all competitions, totalling 809 minutes, and scored 3 goals. One against City on his debut and two against Apollon in the EPL. (Scored in 2 out of 24 games) so not exactly setting the place on fire, but that could be down to the managers.
Under Unsworth he also made 3 appearances for the U23 team, totalling 220 minutes and also scored 3 goals. So he can also produce the goods at Under 23 level and under a different manager.
He then went to Leipzig and made 11 appearances, totalling 575 minutes scoring 5 goals and 3 assists. These goals were against teams in the lower half of the Bundisliga, 2 against Wolfsburg who were relegated. He never played against your Bayern Munich or Schalke or Dortmund so we can't say how he would have performed against the best teams in Germany. But against lower opposition he can certainly produce the goods.
I don't think he is in Silva's first 11 plans, whereas if he goes to Germany he'll probably start each week. He's young, probably headstrong, (he dug the heels in about going to Derby), he more that likely wants to just play regular football. I don't think he is buying into the wonderful Brands/Siva project and the fact he remained on the bench against Bury was significant. I think he will go. It would be a bit ironical of Marco to force him to stay after his Watford scenario.
Just a thought if he does go for 20m euro do Charlton get a cut?
The Everton Forum / Re: Summer signings
« Last post by American Evertonian on 17 minutes ago »
The Mirror seem to think we are going to tempt Palace with a cash plus Bolasie deal for Zaha

I'd be okay with that.
The Everton Forum / Re: Malcom in advanced talks
« Last post by efcforlife on 18 minutes ago »
Looks like he's off to Roma.
would loved to have signed him but was there ever any real interest from us?

Oh, and hi guys it's great to see you
The Everton Forum / Re: Pre season 2018/19
« Last post by American Evertonian on 19 minutes ago »
Someone just tweeted if reports are to be believed were playing Rennes in France as part of pre season - this could be down to part of a deal for that Bensebaini or whatever his name is

Feel like we already have a pretty full schedule. Would be surprised if this was the case.
Hopefully we'll win our first game and have one foot in the Algarve cup already...

So does a win in the final get us into CL or just the Club World Cup?
The Everton Forum / Re: Bid rejected for Lookman
« Last post by American Evertonian on 21 minutes ago »
I think he's probably right, there will be money there. I just don't think he likes the idea of training 30 first team players everyday ha

God I know. Reading all of these articles about who to sell and who to keep for the 25 man squad is exhausting. So many potential senior level players without even buying anyone.
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