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Author Topic: Who do you want?  (Read 13193 times)

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Re: Who do you want?
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:13:34 AM »
The Unsworth shouts are poor, people seem to think being an ex player will have any sort of effect on the squad, it counts for shit nowadays - Shearer at Newcastle springs to mind

We've got a tiny amount of homegrown players, most of the foreign players won't be arsed if Unsworth used to play, we need a good manager, this appointment assuming Koeman goes is going to be critically important to the clubs future

I couldn't give a fuck if unsworth used to play for us or not. What he's done with the u23s is what people find exciting. Hence there's no yakubu, Ferguson or joe max Moore shouts. There's not even a Stuart Barlow shout

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