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Re: Lookman
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Based on Sam's past he's likely to wait until we hit the 40 point mark before he starts to introduce more attacking play.

I disagree, the evidence of when he wasnít relegation fireman sam is of a manager who changes his tactics to both maximise his teams strength and limit the oppositions.

Heís always done it.

If we had 2 brilliant wingers, no doubt we would be playing it down the flanks more.

If you look at the heat maps and the touches maps from his games thus far, we have had the Hall in central areas where most of the teams creative strength is aka rooney.

Itís only in recent games with bolasie that has started to move more out to the flanks.

Heís a pragmatic manager, not an ideologue like Martinez.
He will use his resources the way he deems best to maximise points from games .

And thatís exactly what we need if wholesale changes are not going to take place until the summer transfer window

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