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General Football Chat / Re: Today's Football 2018/19
« Last post by Toffee1 on 2 minutes ago »
Rom should have buried that.
Mitrovic is average as shit.

He was at Newcastle, but seems to have got the bit between his teeth at Fulham.
The Everton Forum / Re: The u23 thread
« Last post by Alanvideo on 19 minutes ago »
the Bradford City game is supposed to be streamed live to STH's etc.  The link doesn't work .Usual Everton cock up
Cue the injury.

Nah, the injury will come after some brilliant performances and just before playing the RS
he's best used in the position he's in now. running at players towards goal. walcott up top for me. his movement with richarlison creating from the wings with sig and bernard/lookman behind him also is surely worth a shout. i think it's about time dcl, tosun niasse were forgotten about as starters.
Walcott, Bernard, and Rich front 3 fuck it, Boom 7-6 win, 3 points, loads o drink.
His strengths are his finishing and his ability to hold the ball up, beat a man, and create space. I'd say it plays to all. Of those. Then he's pretty quick so balls into the channels would work perfectly too.

Finishing and pace yes. Not seeing holding the ball up as a big strength. I just think he's a much better winger than striker. Not saying he'll be terrible there but I think it's wasting his ability
The Everton Forum / Re: Caraboa Cup 2018
« Last post by BlueForYou on 1 hour ago »
Another 30,000+ gate
After the West Ham game, I'd hope any complacency has been removed from any fixture in the near future. The team needs to put in a performance, get 3 pts and try to build from there.
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