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General Football Chat / Re: Post-Brexit Football
« Last post by Major Clanger on 2 minutes ago »
By the way, I wrote an article about a year ago about the potential effects of Brexit on UK football. At least that's what I had set out to do, but as I did more and more research, a different story started to form in my head.

The article ended up being about how insanely complicated the whole situation is, with things nobody had even thought of. (Like the FAI/IFA agreement, the legal standing of the Bosman ruling, the status of UK footballers in Europe, foreign-owned clubs with no FOM for services and so on.

Trust me, it's an absolute fucking mess, and is so low on the list of priorities that no-one's going to dedicate money and energy to sort anything out.
Great to hear the enthusiasm for the club and the manager, soooo different from last year . Digne is becoming a firm favourite with the fans, not just by e hat he says, but from what he does, EITC, and the way he plays. Never thought I'd say this, but this fella is an actual improvement on Leighton Baines and not just a replacement.

Not an improvement on peak Baines yet.
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Gana: We believe in ourselves
« Last post by GLewis on 18 minutes ago »
Might have been more of twitter but there were a few moans about signing relegated players for £7m (seemingly unaware of his release clause).
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Blues linked with Arnautovic move
« Last post by GLewis on 19 minutes ago »
Using the same trick as when at Stoke for a pay rise :)
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Blues linked with Arnautovic move
« Last post by Silas on 30 minutes ago »
Not for me
General Football Chat / Re: Post-Brexit Football
« Last post by stirlingblue on 42 minutes ago »
I understand what you mean but any criteria/restrictions on foreign players will be down totally to the UK. Perhaps more complicated for EU players than now but simpler for the rest? Who knows what will emerge out of the Brexit chaos?
Things will be different but not necessarily will everything be worse. The world wasn't going to end whatever the Brexit vote.
As stated elsewhere it's the FA who are pushing for change at the moment.

Not to go all ‘Remoaner’ but it’s fascinating reading your comments in this thread.

Do you honestly think that all Brexit entails is the UK government suddenly making ‘sensible’ decisions because the EU has been tying their hands up until this point?

The clear message out of the Brexit rhetoric is one of reduced migration, why bring in some kid for 60k from abroad when there’s perfectly good British kids who can fill that role?
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« Last post by blue1948 on 53 minutes ago »
For some reason I always had in my head the sort of really old fashioned misshapen bond bricks, like the dock wall is built of rather than what the dockside buildings are built of.

it would still be in keeping with the area and look sort of like a castle, which could be intimidating if not cheesy.

The cost of stonework is far higher than brickwork and I mean far higher .But there might be someone out there still producing the concrete panels of the 60's and then it can look like a garden fence . Personally the colour of the bricks is of no real importance but there are brown bricks cream bricks and many more colours ,there are even BLUE bricks although they are a grey blue .

I hope this has not the cat out of the bag .Sorry Dan .
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« Last post by blue1948 on 59 minutes ago »
Well... we read Latin, don't we?
Is that the royal we ?
I'd like a castle/fortress kind of look too. Keeps it traditional and the inside could be more futuristic. It should stand out on the historic waterfront but not detract.

A castle, with a moat, and a drawbridge, and a bunch of cannons aimed at mordor....
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