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The Everton Forum / Re: Everton unseen
« Last post by Lazarou on 1 hour ago »
The lads in training, Marco seems very hands on and not in a Don Revie kind of way.

The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Southampton
« Last post by Escla on 1 hour ago »
Lookman May be available for selection but I doubt very much that he will be.
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Southampton
« Last post by sam of the south on 1 hour ago »
No Mina tomorrow, minor foot problem.

Gomes will be back training in next 7-10 days.

Bernard and Zouma may feature.

Richarlison is fine.

Lookman is also available for selection.
General Football Chat / Re: Lukaku
« Last post by Goaljira on 1 hour ago »
He's said he's retiring from internationals after Euro 2020?!

Too much of Martinez already?

Ego thinking he's too big for Belgium?

Trying to stay in the news whilst Pogba gets all the headlines?

He's probably just wanting to spend his whole summer in LA instead of, you know, doing his job.
The Everton Forum / Re: Niasse to Galatasaray
« Last post by Lxxx on 1 hour ago »
Is he good enough to be seen as a ling term option? No, but he's an effective sub and a different option while we're rebuilding.

We shouldn't be letting him go between Windows.

This. I donít think anyone is banging the drum for him based on quality. Heís a very effective option while we get up to speed with a new coach, new players and a new way of playing.

Some games it might not click this season for whatever reason but if you have a player who will hunt down chances in and around the box youíre in a far stronger position than you would if we got rid without replacing him.
I have no ill will towards the lad. He worked hard out of position for most of last season.
Sadly he wasnt good enough, hope he does well at Stoke.

Another one out the door. I wish him well, know where near good enough, but was never his fault and he always gave it everything.

Should never have been signed, but that's not his fault.
The Everton Forum / Re: What to do with our current squad
« Last post by Lxxx on 1 hour ago »
Over £100k/week being outsourced to Stoke for those two. Forget the signings Sir Brands deserves a medal for saving the club £5m a year on these deals.
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton V Southampton
« Last post by Jamokachi on 1 hour ago »
Itís on Optus Jamo, how do you usually watch the games?

Yea, I've had a mare here... when I saw it wasn't on demand I presumed it wasn't live too. All good, I'll be watching at midnight :)
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